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Gaza Islamic Jihad Blow Up Military Jeep Killing Top Israeli IDF Terrorist

Palestinian Saraya Quds of Islamic Jihad for Kornet Missile on Israeli Jeep north of Gaza

Gaza – Beit Hanoun: Islamic Jihad fired a Kornet anti-armored missile at an Israeli military jeep killing a top IDF terrorist in response to the Israeli continuous aggression for weeks against the people of Al-Quds.

Weeks after constant attacks by the Israeli settlers and the IDF armed terrorists against the residents of the Palestinian capital Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the Palestinian Saraya Quds – Al-Quds Brigades of the Islamic Jihad faction in Gaza targeted a military jeep to the east of Beit Hanoun, northeast of the Gaza Strip with a Kornet anti-armored missile killing a top commander in the IDF terrorist ranks.

The video is available on BitChute.

The video shows clearly the IDF terrorist commander next to his jeep which was blown up completely, there’s no chance at all he survived this attack as the Israeli ‘hasbara’ propaganda machine claimed.

In response to this attack, the Israeli IDF terrorists committed a massacre and a war crime against the civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip where they bombed a house killing 20 civilians, 9 of who were children. Israelis believe committing massacres against children will put an end to the resistance of their occupation, oppression, and aggression against the Palestinian people, a policy long proved wrong but they continue to pursue it in obvious intent to kill more children.

Palestinian factions in Gaza received the Russian-made Kornet anti-armored missiles from the Syrian Arab Army through the Iranian Top General Qasim Soleimani who was murdered by Trump in Iraq, the missiles were sent to the Palestinians to defend themselves against repetitive Israeli land invasions by tanks which had killed countless civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

This incident is within the ongoing attacks carried out by Israelis against the Palestinians, especially in Al-Quds injuring at least 560 civilians with over 200 of them being shot directly in the heads and their eyes from close distance by professional Israeli snipers.

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