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FSA Terrorists Target Syrian Infrastructure

Thameco Warehouses Targeted by Wahhabi AlQaeda FSA terrorists

Wahhabi Alqaeda FSA terrorists are punishing the Syrian people for not joining their ‘peaceful revolution’ to replace the last secular state in the region with an anti-Islamic Islamist caliphate based on pro-NATO Wahhabi doctrine and ruled by either the Ottoman caliph wannabe Erdogan or one of the perennial princes of Al Saud, or a split among them and keeping them fighting one another.

Suicide bombings inside residential neighborhoods, against public buildings, throwing civilian public workers off rooftops, beheading, dismembering, raping, kidnapping and all kinds of crimes against humanity are not enough to intimidate the Syrian people to force their surrender to the NATO will, so terror is continuing on a larger phase, while the ‘humanitarian bastards‘ bargain the Syrian government for talks in Geneva 2 ‘Peace in exchange with terror‘, and becoming criers for the suffering of the Syrian people.

Latest, is the attack against Syria’s biggest public pharmaceutical manufacturing company Thameco’s warehouses in the Eastern Ghouta, of course accompanied with economic sanctions by their enablers, the humanitarian bastards in the US and Europe, to increase the suffering level on the Syrian people. The attack resulted in a large fire and damage is yet to be known.

Thameco Warehouses Targeted by Wahhabi AlQaeda FSA terrorists
Thameco Warehouses Targeted by Wahhabi AlQaeda FSA terrorists

The same company’s factories were shelled by the terrorists earlier this year, on May 31st this year, after 1 day only of closing the largest cancer treating hospital in Syria, Al-Biruni University Hospital, in the faces of the badly needy patients and had its patients discharged due to ‘democratizing’ the area around it by the radical Wahhabi terrorists.

On the same day another group of anti-humanity Wahhabi Alqaeda FSA terrorists shelled the main gas pipeline feeding Teshreen electricity power generating station near Damascus International Airport. The terrorist attack resulted in blackout in wide areas in Damascus city, its countryside and the southern provinces of Suweida and Daraa. Criers for Syrian suffering praised the attack and accused the Syrian state for the shortage in electricity..!

The following video clip combines both above attacks (watch on YouTube):

The terrorist attacks increase as signs of desperation as the Syrian Arab Army gains more ground all over the country and especially in the Eastern Ghouta and Qalamon mountains.

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  1. Tom Skylark

    The Turks play both sides. The Turks are in N.A.T.O. yet the Turks are having the Russians build them a nuclear power plant starting in 2015.

    Russian leader=Gog. Meshech=Moscow area. Rosh=Russia. Tubal=Tobal river region in Siberia. Magog=Ukraine and Soviet Central Asian Moslem Republics. All Ezekiel 38:2 regions. Persia=Iran. Ancient Ethiopia=Sudan and Phut=Libya. All Ezekiel 38:5 nations. Gomer=Gomel region Belarus. Togarmah=Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. All Ezekiel 38:6 nations.

    The Russians in September 2013 had a CSTO meeting where they discussed with the Moslem Republics on developing a common airforce. The Russians are in the economic Shanghai Cooperation Organization where the Moslem Republics are permanent members. Turkey and Belarus have dialogue status while Iran has observer status. Turkey has excellent trade relations with Azerbaijan. Georgia and the Ukraine are working on expanding trade with Iran.

    Russia is now rearming Libya. Russia is moderizing its base in Armenia. Turkey has a military alliance with the Sudan. Belarus is sending Iran weapons. Iranian ships are frequenting the Port of Sudan more often.

    All these nations in Ezekiel 38:2-6 or either economically are militarily aligned as the Jewish prophet Ezekiel stated they would be over 2,600 years ago.

    Russian forces and millions of Moslems whom won’t open their eyes and believe in this prophecy will die upon the mountains of Israel Ezekiel 39:1-4 by embracing the prophecies of Mohammad and the false prophecy which claims the Mahdi will give the Moslems victory over Jerusalem and the whole world.

    Russia being courted by the Vatican’s pope Frances will just be the Vatican’s pawn until Russia’s forces are destroyed then the Vatican’s super hero the anti-Christ shall arise promising the world peace but by peace he shall destroy many. (Daniel 8:24-25) The Israelis shall build their temple in Jerusalem after Russia and its allies forces perish. Ezekiel 39:1-4. The anti-Christ will later blasphemy God in the holy temple in Jerusalem. 2 Thessalonian 2:4)The anti-Christ shall terrorize the world in his last 42 months of reign. Revelation 13:5-6. Jesus Christ will then crush the Roman anti-Christ forces at Armageddon and peace will finally come to the world for 1,000 years. (Zechariah 14:2-9, Revelation 16:12-16 and Revealtion 19:11-20:4)

    There then will be no more human suffering.


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