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FSA Slay 3 Men in Idleb Countryside to Thank ‘Friends of Syria’

Uncle Sam FSA

If you care for the value for your money your government deducts from your taxes to promote the FSA, Free from Syrians Army, in Syria, you should watch the following video clip on where your money is used. FSA slay 3 men before a crowd of 6 years old and above including men, women, and elders in a location in Idleb Countryside, near the Turkish borders.

The slain men were ‘Shabeeha’, the label all public employees are labelled with in Syria and those individuals who don’t grow their beards in a messy way and don’t praise the NATO sponsored ‘peaceful revolution’ in Syria to promote ‘free speech’, ‘democracy’ and reform the local administration elections law.

In case you are maintaining a list of crimes committed against the Syrian people by western sponsored terrorists, this one should be included.

The footage in the following video clip released by a group said to be from Nusra Front, a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda working under the FSA umbrella, contains some GRAPHIC images, but if the 6 years old kid watched it live, you shouldn’t have a problem watching it from your comfort behind a monitor across the planet, after all, your government sponsors this, and I’m addressing members of states that attended the ‘Friends of Syria’ conferences, the conference to establish anti-Christ, anti-Islamic Wahhabi Islamist Caliphate that conducts on the NATO doctrine of Islam:

In case LiveLeak doesn’t open in your country, here’s the same video uploaded on

Now seeing that spreading such ‘freedom’ worldwide is seen much more valuable by your government than your own and your family’s healthcare or education systems back home, creating jobs, overhauling the infrastructure in your country or at least reduce prices of main food, you should be proud of what your government that you ‘democratically elected’ to power is doing in sponsoring the Syrian ‘revolution’ of cannibals and cavemen. Keep in mind that the US alone confessed to have paid $510 million so far to the representatives of these people you are shown on your mainstream media in 5 star hotels opposing the sitting Syrian government. Now they promised more aid to these people as in case you noticed the knives these pre-historic terrorists aren’t sharp enough, and knives is what reaches these freaks from the billions of dollars you donate to them.

Keep in mind also that 1.5 million Syrians were displaced outside Syria, 4 million displaced inside Syria from the 19 million who refused to leave and chose to fight back to maintain their country from NATO’s sudden love for them. They are all seen as Shabeeha.

Enemies of Syria latest conference - Image by Syria Report
Enemies of Syria latest conference – Image by Syria Report

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