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FSA Decides to Besiege the Villages Surrounding Nubbol and Al-Zahraa

Nubbol Children

While the children of Nubbol and AlZahraa die from hunger, the FSA are thinking of new ways to starve more by enforcing a tighter siege on the towns. So, they’ve decided to besiege the surrounding Sunni villages as well to insure a complete siege on the two Shia towns Nubbol and AlZahraa.

Here’s the statement from FSA’s Sharia Court, posted by many rebels’ pages, this is from the Electronic Wing of the FSA:

fsa Statement

Important statement from Aleppo Western Countryside Sharia Court,

“And fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together” Quran

In confirmation with the many warnings given by the battalions, brigades of the FSA in the area and in answer of what the towns of Nubbol and AlZahraa are doing, supporting Assad’s infidel regime, the Sharia court have decided the following:

  1. Complete cooperation with all the forces, battalions, societies to forbid the arrival of any food materials to the towns of “Nubbol and AlZahraa”.
  2. Complete cooperation with all the forces, societies and battalions to forbid the arrival of any food materials to the villages surrounding Nubbol and AlZahraa. The villages are: Basofan, Ba’ay, Kaloteh, Miasseh, Birj Haidar, Brad, AlZouk, Bazehr, Khrab, Faferteen, Kabashen, Batoutah, Samakher. Knowing that those areas can get their needs from Darret Azzeh or any other town through salesmen. Just enough quantities to their population.
  3. All proven guilty of giving aid or smuggling food to Nubbol, AlZahraa or the surrounding villages, directly or indirectly, without the prior approval from the Sharia court will be severely punished.
  4. This circular is considered an official statement to all Syrians and businessmen.

Why would FSA fear the aid from Sunnis to Shia if Syria was indeed in a civil war, why does FSA have to enforce everything through fear of punishment on Syrians?!!

The need to issue such a statement shows that areas surrounding the two Shia towns don’t see the people of Nubbol and AlZahraa as dangerous Shabiha. Even after they’ve been warned verbally by FSA terrorist groups they’ve continued to smuggle food to their fellow Syrians in the towns. Not enough supplies considering Nubbol and AlZahraa are home for over 60,000 Syrians, and FSA is keeping heavy watch on them. Thus the surrounding villages gained the wrath of FSA.

FSA proves again to be not only a hated part in the Syrian society but a part that’s feared by all Syrians regardless of religion or sect.

Meanwhile, the residents of Nubbol and Al-Zahraa are surviving on a diet of grass, they’ve not smelt or eaten fresh bread in months and now they’ll be joined by 13 villages.

Nubbol Children

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