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Protest in Paris Condemns Massacre on Syrian Kurds in Northern Syria

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

Protest in Paris condemns massacre on Syrian Kurds in northern Syria.

Many Kurds in the French capital Paris have held a demonstration in protest against the killing and massacre of Syrian Kurds by foreign-supported terrorists and al-Qaeda jihadists in northern Syria.

Of course, the Kurdish community in France strictly condemns the violence against Syrian Kurds in northern Syria and also calls on the international “community of values” to carry out intense actions against the perpetrators of such gruesome violence against the Kurds in Syria.

However, the Western “community of values” still maintains a policy of double-standards when it is about the massacres and violent acts of the foreign-backed terrorist and jihadist forces on Syrian soil. This has already often been criticized by e.g. the Iranian lawmakers, the Iranian leadership but also by the Syrian government in Damascus and Russian officials in Moscow.

Not to mention the politicians in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries who have criticized the double-standards and morality of the so-called “international community of values”, and thus, the hypocritical policy of the UN Security Council (UNSC) as well as the United Nations (UN) in general.

The mainly Kurdish protesters took to the streets of the French capital Paris yesterday in order to show their condemnation of the gruesome violence and massacres at Syrian Kurds by the foreign-supported gunmen and Islamists in northern Syria. In addition, the protesting people in Paris condemned the recent kidnappings of Kurds by al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in northern Syria.

Press TV has published a report about the recent protest on the streets of Paris against the horrible violence by foreign-supported terrorist in Syria, especially against the violence at Syria Kurds in northern Syria.

One of the Kurdish protesters in the French capital said in a short interview with Press TV that “Al-Qaeda is not winning against the (Syrian) armed forces” (Syrian Arab army / SAA) and that the al-Qaeda terrorist groups are “losing its men” on Syrian soil in the battles against the Syrian army. However, because of this situation, the al-Qaeda thugs are attacking civilians in Syria now, according to the statements of the protester.

“They are attacking women, children… …They are killing and beheading civilians, they are raping,” the protester further said and the statements by this person from Paris are sadly correct. He further stated that they protest against the violence of such groups in Syria and condemn every gruesome violence and massacre against civilians on Syrian soil by the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists of al-Qaeda.

The protest in the French capital Paris demanded the end of all attacks against religious, linguistic, and ethnic minorities by foreign-supported terrorist and jihadist forces in Syria and they have called on the international community for strict measures against these violent perpetrators and demanded that the United Nations finally act against these crimes against civilians by the foreign-supported terrorist groups between Syria’s borders.

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front
Al Qaeda – Al Nusra Front

Another protester in Paris said correctly that these people, he was speaking about the jihadists and Islamists of the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot(s), do “not represent Islam.” and that they are “shedding the bloods of Kurds in the name of Allah, but neither in Islam nor in any other religion bloodshed is allowed.”
He further stated that these armed jihadist forces in Syria have “no place in our society” and that they are “taking our society backward with their violence,” which is, as mentioned, sadly correct.

Similar protests and demonstrations in order to condemn the violence and massacres against Syrian Kurds and against other minority groups as well as against every civilians in Syria by the foreign-backed terrorists and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups are planned in Berlin, London, and Washington by the Kurdish communities.

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