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Former Al Qaeda FSA Commander Killed in Daraa Countryside

Al Qaeda FSA in Daraa - Southern Syria file photo

A former commander in Al Qaeda FSA was killed by unknown armed men in the eastern countryside of Daraa province, in southern Syria, local sources confirmed.

Jalal Zubi was a ‘military’ commander in the Al Qaeda FSA terrorist group operating in the southern region, mainly in Daraa city and its countryside, he was killed in the town of Al Musayfrah in the eastern countryside of Daraa yesterday, Wednesday 14 September.

Local sources reporting the news said the former terrorist was a main figure among the US-sponsored terrorist organization until July 2008 when he joined the reconciliation process which saw him hand over his weapons and return to normal life. Some sources claim he joined the ranks of a Syrian law enforcement agency, this piece of information needs confirmation.

The slain former Al Qaeda terrorist commander joins several other former members of Al Qaeda who were liquidated in similar circumstances in the southern region. No party claimed responsibility for any of these attacks, similarly, no party claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist attacks against the Syrian army and security personnel, notables, members of the Baath Party, and public workers.

Targeting their former colleagues in terrorism could be revenge against these terrorists who no longer want to be serving the USA and its goals in Syria, it could, as well, be an intimidating message to other terrorists to double think before leaving the ranks of Al Qaeda and its variant offshoots including ISIS. Once one is a CIA asset, he cannot “un-CIA” himself, not alive it seems.

There’s a consensus among the political analysts and observers that all these assassinations are carried out by the remnants of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) who fled to the so-called 55 square kilometers protected by the US army who illegally occupy the Syrian Al Tanf area at the Syria – Iraq – Jordan border junction.

The ISIS remnants carry out their attacks in the southern region and return to their bases enjoying the protection of the US army which, in turn, confirms it sponsors the so-called Maghawir Thawra faction, an offshoot of ISIS who wear military uniforms instead of their black dresses.

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