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Foreigners in Syrian Opposition Killed in Syria by SAA

Aleppo Map

A number of terrorists from Al-Qaeda FSA aka Al-Qaeda Levant before the name of Nusra Front was chosen for it were announced killed in Syria over the past few days, more prove that the so called Syrian Revolution is neither Syrian nor a revolution. Some of the following names were announced killed by pro NATO propaganda social media sites bragging about their ‘martyrdom in the holy Jihad’. Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army is achieving big gains all over the country.

Raqqa countryside: The 17 Division stationed near the city repelled an attack by herds of NATO backed Nusra Front terrorists earlier today leaving large numbers of the attackers dead. The attempt by the terrorists to over take this particular division was to raise some of their collapsing morale after the liberation of Qussayr city and its entire countryside. Terrorists tried continuously since the beginning of the Syrian crisis to attack this division head quarters and each time they sustain heavy losses and wait for further enforcement coming across the borders from Turkey in the north.

Damascus countryside: Operations in the orchids of Barzeh north of the Syrian capital continue chasing and encircling the terrorists, killing scores of them. See below video. In Jobar to the north east of the capital SAA units continue their surgical operation against dens of the terrorists taking hundreds of civilians as human shields and shelling mortars into nearby Zablatani district from time to time. Other areas continue without much media attention like in Harasta in the north, south of Darayya and to the east and south-east in the deserts towards the Iraqi and Jordanian borders.

Aleppo & its countryside: SAA command has not announced till date the launch of the much anticipated operation to liberate Syrian second city from terrorists, however, the operations never stopped there. SAA units liberated a number of villages in the northern city’s countryside. Tal Shweikha liberated as well. (Check below video.)

Aleppo Map
Aleppo Map – check the below video for details

Idleb countryside: Operations continue and a number of terrorists eliminated. (below video.)

Homs & its countryside: The operations all over the area go non-stop while the road from Qussayr city liberated last week into the center of Homs city is all clear and residents are checking on their homes in Qussayr or what’s left of their homes. Syrian government promised to restore the infrastructure ASAP, managed to restore electricity in main streets and promised to assist in rebuilding, SAA units assisting in delivering food and essentials to residents who decided to go back to the city and never leave again.

Hama countryside: SAA operations in this area are decisive and swift, a terrorist unit eliminated near Salamiyeh in the countryside, while all roads are clear in all directions.

Latakia: The city lives normal, so does Tartous the second coastal main city to the south, Turks are pushing more terrorists through the forests in Latakia countryside to the north, SAA with assistance from NDF and Syrian Resistance are waiting and taking care of the infiltrators.

The following are the names of foreigners released today of FSA ‘Free from Syrians Army’: Jordanian Abdullah Bazbaz Hayari & Saudi Fahd Otaibi Sinani nicknamed Abu Mihjin killed in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside, Jordanian Abdullah Bassam Al-Khatib & Egyptian Bilal Noman killed in Aleppo countryside, Saudi Matar Kodi Shahrani ‘Abu Mosab’ killed near Salamiyeh in Hama countryside. I thought of sharing some of their images then changed my mind not to hurt the feelings of our readers, not only they’re ugly, they’re also killed, so you can imagine by yourself.

Video by Al-Alam reporter in Syria, posted to LiveLeak as YouTube doesn’t like to show defeated FSA terrorists:

On side notes, reports showed US Marines are amassing in Jordan near the Syrian – Jordanian borders in the south and in Turkey near the borders with Syria in the north. Last direct encounter between the US Marines and the SAA was in Beirut 1983, the Marines remember that very well, so does the French.

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