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Flip-Flop Erdogan Fails his Commitments in an International Treaty, Again

Erdogan Turkey

Erdogan, the Turkish madman, war criminal, back-stabber, and thief, is a sheer example of a hypocrite, and hypocrites are promised the lowest dungeons of Hell, by Islam’s definition and punishment.

Muslims have guidelines to distinguish the hypocrites, Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him said: ‘The signs of a hypocrite are three: When he speaks he lies; and when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is charged with a trust he deceives.’ There’s really no need to look much deep into the personality of Erdogan to find him practicing each of these features, and more, in his daily life, he’s also a war criminal who works for the enemies of Muslims against Muslims.

He never honored his parts in bilateral and multilateral treaties, he backstabbed his mentor Erbakan and his own friends Gul, Babacan, and Davotuglo, he backstabbed President Assad for what he himself said ‘a leading role in the Greater Israel Project’, and he lies, he always says one thing and does the other.

The latest is the part in the EU-Turkish 2016 refugees agreement about irregular migrants in which Turkey will accept to return the refugees crossing into Greece in exchange for the substantial amount he managed to blackmail the EU block to pay it, that’s 6 Billion Euros of European taxpayers’ monies. The refugees who his military interventions and sponsorship of Al Qaeda terrorists and their terrorism and that of their affiliates in Syria caused their displacement from their homes in the first place.

Erdogan refuses to accept the return of refugees from Greece
Source: euobserver

While Erdogan managed to collect the last payment of the 6 billion Euros before the end of last year, 2020, the Turkish madman is refusing to execute his part of the deal and receive the stranded migrants on Greek islands who are facing horrific conditions especially during these very cold winter days and amidst economic difficulties and restrictions of movements because of the measures imposed to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

EU Paid Erdogan 6 billion Euros for refugees in Turkey
Source: infomigrants

This is not out of Erdogan’s character, he will always seek where his short-termed interest is and mostly it follows money and power, someone might have missed the part of ‘maintaining principles, especially in leading a country’ when they taught him ‘pragmatism’, or he skipped the classes of Islam when talking about the prohibition of shedding innocent blood, especially of fellow Muslims to serve non-Muslims and God’s most severe punishment for who does that, and also, the lessons where the preacher would describe the features of the residents of the lowest dungeons of Hell.

Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    That’s what we have to deal with directly in Syria and the Europeans and the rest of the world as well remotely. A true hypocrite and enemy of Islam.


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