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Five Children were Badly Injured from an IED Explosion in Daraa

Children injured by IED explosion in Daraa - Syria - file photo اصابة أطفال بانفجار عبوة ناسفة في درعا

Five children from the same family are the latest victims of the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people, the children were injured by an explosion of an IED in Daraa Balad, in southern Syria.

Local sources said that an explosion yesterday Thursday, at noon time, rocked the Arba’een neighborhood in Daraa Balad, five children were the victims of the explosion of what was an improvised explosive device planted by the US-sponsored moderate rebels of Al Qaeda and ISIS before they left the area.

One of the children had his arm amputated in the explosion, another had to be rushed to a major hospital in Damascus due to the lack of medical essentials in Daraa because of the US and European blockade against the Syrian people.

Despite combing the area extensively by the Syrian army’s Engineering Corps after the city was liberated from ISIS (ISIL – Daesh aka moderate rebels in western media), the quantity of explosives and landmines planted by these terrorists is vast and varies in shapes and types, the terrorists have booby-trapped toys, household items, and even school books to continue their killings long after they’re defeated.

The Syrian Red Crescent has also carried out wide-scale awareness campaigns for children in city schools about these explosives, however, the country’s resources are limited, and the western sponsors of Al Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliates refuse to hand over the maps of the explosives planted by their proxy terrorists.

The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), on its part, continues to negate its moral obligations toward the Syrian people and its contractual obligations toward the Syrian state within the MOU signed between the two parties in July 2018 submitting to pressure from the fake humanitarian regimes of the United States of America and its European lackeys.

Meanwhile, more children die and get maimed, more families have to suffer, and more pressure on the Syrian state is exerted in order for a few shareholders of western corporations to continue to profit from the wars waged by the USA and its stooges.

Arba’een neighborhood sparked ongoing clashes in Daraa after a US-sponsored ISIS terrorist blew himself up in a house on the 28th of last month, October, killing four civilians and injuring others, two ISIS cells were discovered in the province of Daraa, one in the city of Jassim in the northern countryside of Daraa, and the other in the southeastern neighborhood of Al Sadd.

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  1. roy

    Pretty much the same reason why the US has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, because they kill them to keep their precious gene pool pure.


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