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First Lady Asmaa Assad Receives Top Students and their Families

Syria First Lady Asmaa Assad Reception for Top Marks Students and their Families in Damascus

The ever-glowing elegant and compassionate Syria’s First Lady Mrs. Asmaa Assad received 111 students who achieved the top marks (100% grades) and their families in an annual reception to honor the hardworking students and to honor their families.

The reception at the Presidential Palace in Damascus brought some joy to the Syrian community which is under extreme pressure, pressure from the ongoing US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people entering its 11th year, increasing economic pressure with more Syrian wealth of gas, oil, wheat, even barley stolen by Biden forces and their Kurdish SDF terrorists, and lately the madness of the NATO-protectorate Israel with its repeated bombing against Syria’s infrastructure in direct aid to the defeated terrorists.

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

The translation of Mrs. Asmaa Assad speech:

In every reception, I see the same challenge, the same determination, the same hope and ambition, the same gleam of victory, and the same gleam of pride, which I saw in your eyes and in the eyes of your parents today.

You are our hope for a better future.

You are the generation that Syria is preparing to shake off the dust of war.

You are the top who achieved the top mark (100%), that is the ambition of any outstanding student. The top mark is only a part of perfection, perfection is a broader, larger, and more comprehensive concept than the perfect mark.

It is the concept that you do not give up in the middle of the road, or get tired at the last moment, and certainly, it is the concept that you do not accept half-solutions and half-results. The absolute perfection, which I mean, is the one who differentiates between an ordinary person, who accepts any result, and a distinguished person who only accepts perfection, even if he knows that he cannot reach it, but he continues to strive for it.

Excellence, when it is just a temporary situation, we will not be able to build upon at the national level. What should be done to turn this concept into reality and be applied on the ground.

This concept requires a complete system of thinking that combines the desire of the student and the need of society. Practically there is no specialization more important than competence in science, the important competence is what we succeed in and in which we excel, and at the same time it is what our society needs more than others. This system is based on national awareness.

There are many who preceded you in the past years in the path of excellence, they stood with their country by their success, some of them stood with their country with their creativity, and some sacrificed their lives for their country, and here I certainly want to mention the students and professors of the Research Center who were martyred for the sake of science and the country.

National awareness is based on our love for our country, but the most important thing is based on our understanding of it. There are many who loved their country but could not help it because they did not understand its circumstances and did not understand its society. Of course, there are very few who excelled scientifically but turned their back on their country when their country needed them.

What is important is that you continue with the same determination, clarity, and the same vision of your goals.

It is true that we can serve our country with science, but if we do not understand our society and do not know its weaknesses and strengths, our ability to give will be limited or incomplete.

Today, the country needs much more from you on the scientific level, it needs determination and focus, it needs determination and challenge, and you were able to overcome all of that until you excelled.

But now, the country needs more. The country needs creative ideas, it needs inventiveness, it needs initiative, it needs love, it needs dedication, and it needs giving. Therefore, the challenge is that you complete this distinction, these principles, and this mentality that I have mentioned, in all educational levels as you advance on the battlefield of life.

I want to congratulate the parents from my heart, you are the national treasure that sprouts such distinguished sons, and because I, as a mother, know what the role of parents is to excel, I want to tell you more congratulations than what I said to the students, because today, the harvest is the result of the years that you have been tired in. Today is a day that you celebrate, but it is also the result of days, nights, and months, and you sow in your children the values and principles of love and defiance.

Certainly, thanks go to your professors and teachers, who were really able to fulfill the trust honestly, they have my full appreciation for their dedication, hard work, and efforts with you, which contributed to your arrival here.

Finally, I want to tell you how proud I, Mr. President, are of you, and I also expect that the Syrians are also proud of you, but more important than all of us that Syria is proud of you, and Syria is proud not only of the top marks, Syria is proud of those who protect it, those who preserve it, and those who raise it her head is high.

I wish you good luck and you are very welcome.

End of the translation transcript.

Syria pays high importance to the education sector, as much as to the other essential sectors, for the Syrians education is equivalent to their food, that’s how they managed to withstand millenniums of never-ending foreign invasions of their country including 3 Crusader campaigns, two Christians and the current Zio-Jewish Crusade which joins foreign settlers mainly from Europe, Russia, and elsewhere.

Under the pressuring circumstances, the Syrian students who are studying hard with the electric power coming maximum a couple of hours a day, families facing hardship in heating, getting enough food, and fuel to move around, will not bow to the US hegemonic demonic plans.

Just like within the past 11 years the Syrian people, largely alone, fought back against the worst most heinous war imposed upon them by some of the world’s superpowers and super-rich countries, spearheaded by NATO with all its advanced weapons and brainwashing tools, and their anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, now added the so-called secular Kurdish SDF terrorists, all with Israel serving as their advanced post with its continuous war crimes, the Syrians will continue to fight back until the world’s balance is restored, and the aggressive former and continuing colonizers will be put back to their normal sizes, this is being achieved by the financial and more important moral bankruptcy of those countries.

The education system in Syria continues to be highly subsidized to almost free, it was totally free from pre-0 to Ph.D. in all sectors in addition to state-sponsored scholarships abroad which did not stop through this very day.

The Lady of Jasmine Mrs. Asmaa Assad Honors the Martyrs’ Mothers

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  1. Salaim Barchine

    Brava Asma A wonderfull supporting speech to successful Syrians.GOD BLESS SYRIA. OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR PEOPLE.GOD CURSE OUR ENEMIES


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