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Field Executions by Nusra Front in Deir Ezzor, Syria

FSA Field Execution in Der Ezzor sponsored by "western democracies"

There must be an encyclopedia capable of holding the records of human rights violations in Syria alone committed by NATO’s best asset they ever created:

Al Qaeda under whatever label they call them, violations sponsored by NATO member states and their stooges in the world, field executions must be one of NATO’s strategists’ favorites, this time in Der Ezzor city, north of Syria.

A video spread uploaded online in an attempt to terrorize Syrians into subversion shows a group of masked terrorists wearing Afghani ‘attire’ with Al Qaeda flag-waving raised in the background by 2 of terrorists and one in the front reading a statement then shooting 11 blindfolded, handcuffed, unarmed men wearing civilian cloth, shooting them in the back of their heads.

Video with English subtitles Graphic contents warning:

This video comes a couple of days only after a similar incident of a field execution in the nearby city Raqqa where 3 men also blindfolded and handcuffed were shot in a public square by masked men with similar Afghani attire before crowds of people. The crime was followed with protests by angry residents asking the terrorists to leave their town, of course, the protests were not covered by mainstream media, they were oppressed brutally as per activists from inside the city were reporting, and no news of casualties so far.

At the same time of these atrocities, Qatar, the beacon of democracy and free speech in the world presented a resolution before the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of the rest of the Arab World to condemn the Syrian Government for not ‘oppressing these terrorists throughout the country’, and to consider the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, the Wahhabi movement that emerged strongly after the Arab Spring ‘in a future power sharing’..!

Islamist Syria
The future they want for Syria: Islamist Syriastan

These terrorists were smuggled into Syria by Turkey, Jordan and active pro-USA factions in Lebanon, they are financed largely by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, while the US taxpayers share is much less, only $510 million dollars so far (publicly declared), and the UK is sending them armored vehicles among other ‘non-lethal’ aid like high definition cameras to film their crimes, shadowy satellite internet devices to share their crimes and communication and satellite tracking devices to locate unarmed targets they can attack.

You may want to check again the cannibal member of the Farouq Battalion, one of the main factions fighting under the FSA umbrella to replace the current secular Syrian government with members of the Qatari/ Turkish/ Saudi sponsored coalition of unknown to Syrian public figures: Scavenger working for Al Jazeera

FSA Heart Eater
FSA Heart Eater

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