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Field Execution by Nusra in Raqqah, Syria

Obama"s Nusra Front execute 3 men in a public square

As if the video of the barbarian Alqaeda FSA terrorist was not enough showing him extract the heart of a killed Syrian soldier and eat before the camera while his savage friends were cheering for him, today one more atrocity stains the forehead of each US, UK, French and western citizen from those supporting by all means the so called Syrian opposition abroad seeking to replace the Syrian government with a puppet regime, 3 unarmed handcuffed blindfolded men executed in a public square in the city of Raqqa, north Syria.

Obama's Nusra Front execute 3 men in a public square
Obama’s Nusra Front execute 3 men in a public square

A disturbing graphic video, not the first, it could be one in thousands of such videos showing the real atrocity of these savages brought from all sides of the world into Syria with the help of the ‘tool in the hands of the Zionists’ the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government in the north and the Jordanian puppet regime in the south of Syria to ‘democratize’ the country Tora Bora style.

The video shows also the victims surrounded by herds of terrorists, and crowds of people gathered at the public square. Dresses of the culprits appearing in the video and the image above indicates they’re from either Afghanistan or Pakistan and not from any place in Syria. The city fell in the hands of Nusra Front after after 20 months of being peaceful when Turkish terrorists backing government smuggled thousands of Wahhabi Sex Jihadists and took the small city of mostly tribal nature. Similar videos appeared before from the same square in the city with similar contents, and activists from the area are confirming most of the terrorists are foreign Jihadists, one of the terrorists leaders killed was a former colonel in the United Arab Emirates army who led the invasion of the city.

The Graphic video:

The lamest propaganda justifying such crimes was aired this evening (Syria Time) by the BBC hosting so called chief of staff of the FSA, as if such thing exists except in NATO aligned media, when asked about the video of the savage eating the heart of the killed soldier let alone mutilation, his reply was: ‘anybody can upload anything to YouTube claiming anything in it’.. When Syrian activists, the real ones, were pointing to hundreds of video clips uploaded monthly to YouTube and other social media platforms were mostly fake, they were ridiculed by the same Pan Arab and western mainstream media and called pro-regime!

82,000 human beings reportedly killed in the past 25 months in Syria as reported by the London based SOHR, a front office for the British MI6, we know for sure that most of them were terrorists killed at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and civilians killed by terrorists just like these 3 men, and thousands of SAA personnel, public employees like the ones thrown from atop the post office building in Bab city north of Aleppo as an example, university students, scientists, any Syrian not joining them is labeled ‘Shabeeh’, or ‘pro-dictator’ and was killed in the worse crimes against humanity, all of which were immediately blamed on the state troops in western media and by western officials, to name a few massacres handled in this matter: Houla, Darayya, Baniyas, Bayda, Jisr Shoghour, Jandar, Aleppo University (82 students), Damascus University, and tens others not to mention suicide bombings all over the country.

Even in Reyhaniyeh (Reyhanli) bombings one day ago, the Turkish government officials immediately and within one hour accused the Syrian state to be behind them, while the Turkish government itself slept with these Jihadists in the same bed:

What could go wrong if you host terrorists in your city?
What could go wrong if you host terrorists in your city?

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