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FBI: American Terrorists in Syria are a Threat

US / CIA / Al-Qaeda

FBI: American militants, who are fighting in Syria, are a threat to the United States.

Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has warned that all the American citizens who joined the ranks of the terrorists and jihadists fighting in Syria against the (secular) Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus could bring terrorist tactics and terrorism back to the soil of the United States when these militants return to the US after their battles in the Arab nation.

The FBI Director Robert Mueller made these remarks about the warning in terms of the American militants fighting in Syria and the threats for the United States in a recent interview with the often biased ABC News. FBI Director Robert Mueller further said that there are American citizens fighting in Syria against the (secular) government under Syria’s President al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

However, as long as these American militants and jihadists do not return to their home country, they are a “benefit” for the US foreign policy in order to continue with the gruesome implementation of their agenda in the Middle East.

In his interview from yesterday with the in its majority biased ABC News, Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), also said that there are individuals who are traveling “to those venues” and that one is concerned about “the associations they will make.” Robert Mueller further stated that one is also concerned about the expertise these individuals will develop and if they might use such associations and utilize the learned expertise to carry out an attack on the soil of their homeland (United States).

The FBI Director, Robert Mueller, spoke about whether or not these (jihadist) home comers from Syria will carry out terrorist attacks against American targets on US soil.

The director of the FBI further confirmed that the officials and heads of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are concerned about these American globetrotters who are fighting in Syria in the ranks of the armed jihadists and terrorists forces.

In addition, Mueller also stated that the FBI is monitoring these American militants and their movements. According to the FBI Director Robert Mueller, such locations like Syria could end up harbouring “radical extremists who want to do harm” to the United States. However, one should not support them initially and then complain and warn about the first supported terrorists and radical forces…

US / CIA / Al-Qaeda
US / CIA / Al-Qaeda

Security experts, agencies as well as security officials from the United States and European country have already warned several times about the threats of American and European militants who are currently fighting in Syria against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the government under Syria’s President Assad in Damascus.

In addition, these security officials from Europe and the United States have especially warned about the traffic in and out of Syria of jihadists, religious fanatics and militants from Britain, Germany and France, but also from other European countries. In addition, that also American jihadists and militants are already fighting in Syria in the ranks of the jihadist forces and foreign-backed terrorists is already confirmed, and that these fanatics and militants pose a threat for the security of the United States is clear as the sky.

According to recent statements by sources of the US intelligence, there are currently up to 10,000 foreign militants and jihadists fighting in Syria in order to overthrow the secular government and President Bashar al-Assad and this makes Syria, citing the known newspaper “The Times”, the “world’s foremost terrorist training ground,” and thus, Syria has become the “favoured training ground for terrorists”, replacing Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia

With thanks to the support of Western countries for these jihadist forces. The initial support of these radical elements and fanatic human resources fighting in Syria by Western governments as well as by the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar but also in Turkey and Israel have made this condition possible. For every crime, massacre and bloodbath, which is happening in Syria, these backers of jihadists and militants are also responsible for.

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  1. Arklight

    I’m sure that there are American jihadis with al Qaida, since there are rats from everywhere else. Question is, how many of them are NOT CIA plants? All DC cares is that these guys might come home and start their own regime change activities. If DC is really worried, the citizenships could be revoked and the rats can never come home – – FBI supposedly knows who they are, so what’s the hoopla all about? Only lawyers and politicians can make something so complicated that nothing can be done.


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