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Fake News Report Criminal Lies on Fake Hospital, Fake NGO: Syria


A new onslaught of anti-Syria fake news reporting criminal lies on fake hospitals and from fake NGO has erupted from NATO-approved msm, and includes another round of anti-Syria emotional war porn.  The propaganda triad may be an Operation Lazurus, as Amnesty‘s similar attempt earlier this month was crushed by  a battalion of genuinely independent journalists, and social media activists.

In one of the most blatant attempts at emotional war pornography since the Omran fraud, the wretched story of a new dusty and gray Syrian boy — this one missing his legs — arrived last week.  That using children is a pathetic and perverse abomination to promote war, is to be expected from the Vichy-ite journalists.  One should — nonetheless –expect a small standard in the vetting process of fake photographs.  None of the msm noticed the many anomalies of the short video from which the stills have been culled.

The NYT’s Barnard was among the first to tweet about the child’s alleged catastrophic injury.

NYT does not notice the lack of surrounding blood – Un-blurred Graphic Photo: (Click here)

In the video, Daddy dearest is seen carrying the child and plopping him onto the ground, more concerned for the walkie-talkie (accessory for every ‘freedom-fighting moderate’ being bombed) than for the torquing of his son’s right shoulder.

Daddy then walks off screen for the video shoot.

The boy subsequently appears looking miraculously healthy, and in the same sweater — which has been cleaned — in Turkey, the next day.  Verily, it is impossible to survive such an injury without skilled surgeons immediately at hand.  Under the best of circumstances, this child would not have survived his legs having been blown off; even a lesser traumatic injury would not have him looking so robust.

Fake activists cheered the boy’s miraculous healing in a reputed Turkish hospital

Independent journalist Barbara McKenzie dissects the photos, the video, and the fake reporting, in her “Legless Abdulbasit” report, which also notes the claim by Istanbul-based NGO, IHH, that it is doing emergency runs into Syria, to rescue the catastrophically wounded.  IHH is not legally permitted in the SAR, ergo this NGO is also to be considered a foreign terrorist entity.

While giving extensive coverage to the fake story, CNNterrorists most trusted name in news, and support medium to supporters of child-beheaders — did not bring onstage neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta to explain the miracle of surviving what McKenzie has called self-cauterizing bombs.

Instead, its fake due diligence noted “CNN cannot independently verify claims of the origin of the attack,” though it did not extend its fake due diligence to admit it also could not verify the claims of the attack, itself.

CNN took the opportunity to re-run the iconic Omran picture, taken by M. Rslan, a supporter of the terrorist FSA gang who kidnapped 12 year old Abdullah Issa from a hospital, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife.

Here is a photo of Omran with 9 lives, being re-rescued by the emotional cat porn man of Aleppo:

Omran of 9 lives being re-rescued by the catman

CNN also managed to squeeze in the propaganda that terrorist-occupied Idlib is “under rebel control,” because the geopolitics of terror dictates that no matter how heinous or egregious the atrocity, in Syria, the terrorists are the good guys.

Overlapping the legless boy mass msm hysteria (a Google search elicited over 67  million returns), came the report from the NGO MSF, on its own miraculous inquiry findings into who bombed its unhospital in Syria, last year.

UK’s The Geryon, in part “supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” ran a headline on the results. MSF’s own website statement announced it was more concerned with its feelings than with actual facts:  “While the investigation does not provide solid evidence it does confirm MSF’s conviction as to the responsibility of Syria and Russian forces in the bombing of the hospital…” [emphasis added].

Ce prétendu hôpital a été installé sans la permission du gouvernement syrien par le soi-disant réseau français appelé Médecins sans frontières qui est une branche des services de renseignement français opérant en Syrie…Ils assument toutes les conséquences de cet acte parce qu’il n’ont pas consulté le gouvernement syrien. — H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari

Though NGO MSF admits it is not in the Syrian Arab Republic, that it has no permission to be in the Syrian Arab Republic, it kafkaesquely claims to run several hospitals in the Syrian Arab Republic, and that since the liberation of Aleppo, its nonexistence has moved with the terrorists into the terrorist caliphate occupied Idlib.

The Geryon focused on the use of the game of digital doll house play, as fake science evidence.  Playing digital doll house is called “forensic architecture” in the orwellian language of Newspeak.  Investigative journalist Tony Cartalucci has demolished “fa” in his report on NGO Amnesty “Saydnaya” hoax.

NB:  MSF did set up a surgical theater in the Arsal, Lebanon camp, in order to treat alQaeda/FSA terrorists, and to return them to Syria.

Another propaganda leak was sprung on 16 February, when the NYT ran a video report of Dr. Annie Sparrow. In it, she  repeats the same criminal lies she has been ejaculating since the beginning of the foreign terrorist imposed crisis against Syria.

Sparrow is an associate professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISSMS, which specializes in biomed research). ISMMS does not have her listed as “on sabbatical,” and since it is unusual to get paid without actually working, one might speculate if Steven Spielberg, who lent her and husband an apartment until they ‘got settled’ after their wedding, has also generously given her a stipend.

Sparrow has spent most of the last years illegally in Syria, or in Erdoganstan, where she is “currently working on the quantification of civilian suffering – the health outcomes of fundamental human rights violations – on Syrian refugees.”

One may wonder if this study is as perverse as it sounds:

  • Is Sparrow individually counting the Syrians who have been turned into sex slaves for ‘tourists,’ in the refugee camps in Erdoganstan?
  • Is she counting how many young Syrians have survived the surgical procedures necessary for stealing their organs?
  • Is she counting the numbers of those who died while having their organs stolen?
  • Is she counting the numbers of Syrians who tried to leave the camps, and return home?
  • Is Sparrow counting the Syrian children massacred by poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey, after UNSCR 2165 (2014) breached Syria’s national sovereignty?
  • Has the good doctor already counted the martyred Syrian Arab Army soldiers of Regiment 74, massacred in Tel el Jabya via the genetically altered bioweapon Clostridium tetani?
  • How can she quantify the suffering of this Syrian woman, who spent 3-1/2 years being tortured by the moderate terrorist occupation of Aleppo?
  • Does Sparrow really not consider these atrocities “human rights violations?

Certainly, humanitarian Sparrow is not counting the 600 Syrian health centers destroyed by the takfiri, in Syria, since the beginning of the crisis.  Nor is it anticipated that her “quantification” counts any of the Syrian martyrs found in mass graves and slaughterhouses, upon  the liberation of Aleppo.

The day after the NYT posted the video, Sparrow’s husband, Ken Roth, pimped out the story, via  twitter.  The first 51 seconds of the video are clips from terroist Qatar’s terrorist al Khanzeera, yet another foreign terrorist entity, illegally in the SAR.  In 2013, Qatar (pronounced ”gutter”) bragged of having spent 3 billion USD to try to destroy Syria.  In 2012, Qatar and Turkey stole Syrian oil machinery from Aleppo.  In 2013, al Khanzeera helped the terrorists who had slaughtered the men of villages in Latakia countryside, and interviewed the women who had been kidnapped with their children.  Fifty-eight of these women and children were recently freed in exchange for the Syrian government releasing terrorists.

Sparrow once told Vogue magazine that her first meeting with Roth was “annihilating.”  Considering their massive geopolitical attacks on Syria, the word seems aptly chosen.

Roth is the executive director of NGO Human Rites Watch (HRW), for which he receives “compensation” of $517,000, annually.  In FY 2015, HRW was more than $234 million in the black, with less than $6,000 in total liabilities.

image-Human Rights Watch Inc
Human Rights Watch Inc

This “independent” NGO received a $100 million, ten-year grant from George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” NGO,  beginning in 2010.

NGO HRW received $100 million from a Soros NGO

In 2009, HRW held a fundraiser in that bastion of liberty, terrorist Saudi occupied Arabia.

In 2014, Nobel Peace Laureates, diplomats, and one hundred scholars wrote an open letter to HRW requesting it sever its close ties to the CIA and Capitol Hill.

Anti-Syria propagandists Roth and Sparrow attended the 2011 White House dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao

This most recent blitz against the Syrian Arab Republic is not limited to well-known NATO war-pimping msm, to well-known NGOs engaged in the assault.  Lesser known NGOs have also attacked honest investigative, independent journalists.

On 15 February, NGO Mayday Rescue twit-ted that “Vanessa Beeley isn’t independent, isn’t investigative, and isn’t a journalist…”.

NGO Mayday — like NGO IHH, and Mayday-supported NGO White Helmets — is headquartered in terrorist Erdoganstan.  Its smarmy attempt to discredit Beeley’s work belies several facts.

Mayday has thrown shade against Beeley because of her ground-breaking work which revealed the truth behind the White Helmets. White Helmets has been funded by Mayday rescue, because the millions from the CIA, the millions from the UK, still haven’t been enough to purchase a single stethoscope for these fake “first responders.”  Multi-million NGO Mayday’s lying attack against Beeley is likely part of a rage state, as Beeley met with The REAL Syria Civil Defense force, in September 2016. The REAL Syria Civil Defense was established in 1953, “some 63 years before the White Helmets were a glimmer in the eyes of CIA and MI6 operatives.”  The Real Syria Civil Defense is a founding member of the International Civil Defense Organization.

Mayday has not explained how the “grassroots” White Helmets came to be founded by British military operative James Le Meurier, nor how it came to be supported by the world’s leading genocidalists. Mayday insults Beeley because she has legally visited the SAR, on several occasions.  She was there, again, legally, in December, during the time of the liberation of Aleppo.  She heard the Russian sappers safely detonating the almost 1,000 hectares of NATO explosives, left behind by what “fake news” and “fake NGO’’s call the “moderates.  She spoke with Syrians who had suffered under the occupation of terrorists, foreign and domestic, for more than 3 years.

Mayday is another in an infinite array of fraud impartial NGOs that align with war propaganda.  Mayday’s annual budget is $35,000,000 (thirty-five million USD).

Syria-hating NGO headquartered in Istanbul, has operating budget of $35,000,000.

NGO Mayday is headquartered in Istanbul, Erdoganstan, the country from which most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists have invaded Syria.  These foreign terrorist/illegal alien entities – such as US Sen. John McCain, VanDyk, Harroun, BBC, CNN – have all managed to safely invade the SAR, despite the almost 200,000 land mines along the Erdoganstan-Syrian border of 915 km/568.5 mi.

We repeat:  Mayday is headquartered in Istanbul.  Has no one really not noticed that Istanbul and Ankara are the two regions where most of the anti-Syria, non-Syrian ‘’coalition members’’ reside?  Even Bana’s terrorist father relocated to Erdoganstan after Aleppo’s liberation – with his stately reception by the Caliph, widely cheered in msm.

‘Bana’s terrorist daddy, locked and loaded
BBC missed the photos of armed dad, but got moist over him walking the red carpet for Erdogan

According to its website, “Mayday is currently assessing opportunities for implementation of Civil Defense-based stabilization programs in other countries in the Middle East including Yemen and Iraq” – based on the fake media success of pimping the terrorist White Helmets gang.

Translation of this announcement, from Newspeak into English:  Independent NGO Mayday, headquartered in Istanbul, is looking at the possibility to help the west and its Gulfie underlings to destroy all semblance of national sovereignty in other countries.

The geopolitical term, “Middle East” is colonialist-genocide in origin.  It was the term that the British Empire created for purpose of change of the world atlas, to conform to its deadly occupations of the region, part of which is in the continent of Asia, and part of which is in the continent of Africa.  The mafioso clique of the UN P3 has enhanced such colonialist designation in its use of the MENA acronym, carving out another chunk from the region, in seeming hope of creating a  new continent, while ignoring the definition of same (continent, noun:  any of the world’s main continuous expanses of land).

There are so many Syria-hating, foreign-funded fake Syrians, and fake NGOs in Istanbul, that Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express might come to mind — except that nobody leaves the station, unless to receive awards of gratitude from foreign masters.

It is no perverse coincidence that foreign funded fake NGO White Helmets, that shockingly wealthy NGO Mayday are housed in terrorist Erdoganstan.   This terror state even tries to dictate Syria’s flag, giving as more prominence to the flag of French Mandate occupation, than it does to its own, on the Erdoganstan side of the border checkpoint.

SyriaNews reminds its readers that Syria — like every country — has one flag, no matter what fake news, or terror-supporting countries may claim.

This, and ONLY this, is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic

Let it be known that France has never forgiven Syria for ejecting French occupation.  Let it be known that French nationals are among the highest of numbers of foreign terrorists in Syria (approximately 1,000), that little Napolean aspirant Francois Hollande admitted funding terrorists in the SAR,  and called for the assassination of Syria’s president, months after his country requested the extradition of two French nationals who were arrested in an assassination plot (President al Assad was not in danger; his protection guards had uncovered the plan, and carefully watched to assassin wannabes before arresting them).  This from the same little man who has criminally bombed Syria.

Genocidal France never forgave Syria for ejecting French occupiers.

Fake news is not new.

In the US, 6 corporations own 90% of all media.  Disney – whose founder was successful in getting the WWII generation to let their children pledge allegiance to a rodent – owns both ABC and Marvel (originally a comic book company).

Though CNN is still sitting shiva over PEOTUS Donald J. Trump calling them out as “fake news,” let us not develop amnesia over the fact that NATO-driven msm – internationally – blamed the outcome of the US election on “fake news.”  During the post election Obama-Merkel- not fake msm ménage à trois in Berlin, this claim was reinforced — and Merkel was so apoplectic that she condemned even the origin of the printing press.

Fake news means that we have always been at war with Eastasia.  It means McCarthy-like hysteria that Russia stole America’s election, because President Obama never told Republican nominee Trump to stop “whining” about possible election fraud, and never snickered about being a sore loser — and CNN never reported it.

Fake news means genocide against every country the imperialist NATO gang wishes to destroy.

Genocide was committed against Iraq, when US media pimped the anti-Iraq incubator babies propaganda, spewed by the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador.  More genocide against Iraq was committed with US media pimping the criminal lies of Colin Powell, on the WMDs that never existed.  His dramatic fraudulent report at the UN led to hell being unleashed in the region.

I remember the fake news of such Imperial Mouth Pieces such as the WaPo, NYT, CiaNN, and MSNBCia in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq…not only did I know it was pure bulls**t (some real news also broke through of Iraq not possessing WMD) but I was terrified because my son was in the military. Most people in this country were made to be haters of Saddam Hussein and Iraq, based on lies, and were also supportive of an invasion.  Guess what?  These so-called mainstream news sources are not only fake, they are collaborators in murder, destruction and pain on a massive scale.  Don’t take these sources with a grain of salt; it would take an ocean of salt to make up for their crimes. — Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Mom

Fake news is a war crime, a crime against peace, according to the Nuremberg Statutes. It is perpetrated not just by the terrorists most trusted name in news, but also by the fraudulent Fox News.

Prior to the inauguration,  Bill O’Really and Charles Kranthammer engaged in crimes against peace by criminally lying that Syria had used chemical weapons against Syria.  It matters not they used their lies as cover to complain about Obama not having obliterated the SAR, as he obliterated Libya; what matters is their lies are crimes against peace; fake, fraudulent news.

Fake news is not new.  Five star general Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us against fake news, in his 17  January 1961 Farewell Address, when he outlined the insidious military industrial complex:

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience…yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications.  In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, but the military-industrial-complex.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Syria has been the recipient of fake news, for more than 6 years.  While more than 100 countries have dumped their human garbage into the SAR, military-industrial-complex media and fake independent media have unleashed millions of words of mass destruction against this small country.

The attempted final solution against Syria has been launched not only by the Wahhabi sex jihad savages funded by the west, not only by the war criminal bombings, not only by the dogs of war in expensive suits, but by the fake news propaganda, by the fake NGO propaganda — and by the willingness of the world’s population to eat rotting garbage, as long as it is delivered by a favorite waitress.


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