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Android: Light Flow

Facebook Beta adds new options while Light Flow update supports Samsung multi-window.

The beta version of the Facebook App for the popular social network received a new update and the new version 3.6 of the Facebook App integrates a couple of new features into the Android Application for the social network.

So, if you are participating as a beta tester for the Android Facebook App, you sure have received the update to the new version 3.6 already or you are able to update to the latest beta of the Facebook App in the Google Play Store on your device.

New in version 3.6 of the latest Facebook App for the mobile operating system Android is the ability to cancel a photo upload while it’s in progress, and the users of the latest beta of Facebook for Android are now able to like and comment on Pages recommendations.

In case you want to join the beta group of Facebook or you have not done so already, but you are interested to become a beta tester in order to see and follow the development of the Facebook Android app, you can join the beta program of this popular social network for Android here. Be sure to follow the published information in order to become a beta tester of the Android App by Facebook and to receive the beta updates of the App through the Google Play Store.

Also Light Flow, one of the probably most popular notification light Apps for Android in the Play Store of Google has received a new update, and thus, Light Flow features some new and interesting features now. Beside the new support for over 72 new Android Apps – also including the support for the new and redesigned Skype app.

In addition, the latest version of the notification light App for Android, Light Flow, also supports the remote notification cleaning now as well as some optimized device-specific support, e.g. for Samsung and HTC smartphones. For example, the latest Light Flow version supports Samsung’s multi-window feature now and also delivers a better support for HTC One root users.

Android: Light Flow
Android: Light Flow

Other new features of the latest Light Flow version in the Play Store of Google are:

Swipe away notifications
Remote clearing of notifications read on other devices
Handle restricted profiles for users
Support for new Gmail folders
Exclude notifications from sleep mode
Support for incoming calls
Samsung multi-window support
Better support for HTC one root users

Of course, the most interesting new feature, beside the other great additions, is certainly the ability to remotely clear the notifications in the latest version of Light Flow for Android. After the API version of the latest Google Play Services update has integrated the support for such a feature, it was possible for the developers behind Light Flow to finally integrate the option to remotely clear the notifications.

This simply means that in case the Android user has already read and marked a notification via the web or at another device (e.g. tablet), Light Flow will turn off the LED notification for this incoming message or email at the smartphone.

Light Flow @ Google Play Store

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