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Explosions in Kurdish SDF Weapons Depot in Rmelan – Hasakah

Explosion in Kurdish SDF Weapons Depot - Rmelan Hasakah Syria

Massive series of explosions destroyed a US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militia’s large weapons and munition depot in the city of Rmelan’s industrial zone, Hasakah countryside, northeast of Syria yesterday June 21st.

Local sources reported that the separatist Kurds placed a wide-scale curfew over the city and surrounding countryside while US planes were constantly flying in low altitude all over the area from the US-controlled illegal nearby Kharab Al-Jier airport to the city of Rmelan.

The explosions caused casualties of dead and injured among the personnel of the separatist SDF militia personnel, as per the local sources.

The video is also available on Bitchute.

Assorted Kurdish militia operating in trying to Israelize large areas of territories – up to one-third of Syria’s total area in the provinces of Der Ezzor, Raqqa, Hasakah in the north and northeast of the country and in Aleppo southern countryside in the northwest with the help of Trump forces deployed illegally in those regions.

Those regions are where Syria’s main oil and gas fields are located, the largest wheat fields, and the main source of fresh water for drinking and irrigation in the country where the rivers of Euphrates and Tigris flow with all their tributaries bordering Iraq and Turkey.

Kurdish separatists work hand-in-hand with NATO forces operating illegally in Syria whereas they help Trump forces loot Syria’s oil and wheat, Syrian farmers refusing to sell their wheat for cheap to the separatist SDF militias get their wheat field burned.

Kurdish PYD Asayish SDF Torching Wheat Farms in Qamishli
Members of the Kurdish outlaw Asayish forces – SDF’s security arm burn a wheat farm in Qamishli, Hasakah province: Video

The separatists also impose compulsory military service over the locals in the region to fight against their own Syrian brethren, and as a bait used by NATO to lure further intervention in the country, similar to what terrorist groups like ISIS operate as. The Kurds are used to lure incursions into Syrian territories by NATO member state Turkey under the guise of fighting ‘terrorists’, exactly like how the US used the bogus ‘war against terror’ to wage its own ‘Wars of Terror’ against mainly Muslim countries.

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