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Exclusive Syrianews: Major Aggression Prepared by Israel – SAA Ready

image-Syrian Arab Army SAA Tank - Syria

Our sources informed us of a major military operation the Israelis plotting within 24 hours. When they warned us they said 24 hours, as we tweeted earlier. The sources not only confirmed they are anticipating the major operation and have already prepared a deterrent plan that is so intense, it’ll be very difficult to stop once it starts.

Seems that it’s all related to the troubles the head of the junta at the White House recently created. Trump not only proved the already proven untrustworthy and non-credible USA which didn’t hesitate to betray its own allies and blackmail them, by unilaterally withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement the US itself as one of the signatories.

Then added the killing of any peace process prospect in the Middle East by depending on his pariah alike autocrats in the region who are already under his control, like how he is under the control of the swamp he vowed once to dry. The moving of the US embassy from one occupied Palestinian city to another is just a symbolic matter, the regime of Trump insisting on the ‘undivided’ whole of Jerusalem as the ‘eternal capital of Israel’ is not symbolic. This policy has stripped the US of its fig leaf it was hiding behind as an ‘honest’ moderator in the 2 decades old peace talks. It also isolated the US for being a blatant hypocrite, not a covert one like the Brits for instance.

And now, when the whole world started breathing in ease after reaching the brinks of a multi-party nuclear war, and only thanks to the wise leadership of North Korea for de-escalating the tensions by offering the olive branch and saved the face of Trump, the Trump regime did what it does better and ruined this process.

trump and north korea
Screenshot from the New York Times news about North Korea canceling the scheduled meeting with the South.

North Korea, and as proven as just yesterday with satellite images, was continuing the work from one part to dismantle one of its nuclear test sites as a goodwill gesture. Released 3 US spies and handed them to their former boss visiting Pyongyang, to only be rewarded by a military drill between the US and South Korean air forces in a show of force when we were all expecting a show of gratitude and some good will concessions from the US regime.

To get out of these scandals, and the internal scandals facing both Trump and his buddy in Tel Aviv Netanyahu, especially after both were internationally disgraced for the Gaza Massacre 2 days ago, they only see one way ahead of them: a regional conflict.

image-Gaza Massacre-Palestinian Medical Staff Evacuating a Civilian Shot by a Fighter from the IDF Terrorist OrganizationThe Gaza Massacre

Israel is built on aggression, every few years it has to go for war, of course, what are the US taxpayers there for except financing these aggressions? And Israel has to always end any conflict showing it’s the winner even if it lost dearly in the conflict itself, using the paid and volunteering propagandists in the western mainstream media and their regional stooges.

The Syrian Arab Army is swiftly cleaning pockets and concentrations of US-sponsored terrorists in different parts of the country, last trio aggression by the US, France, and the UK against Syria based on the false-flag hoax they poorly orchestrated was an attempt to shore up their terrorists in Eastern Ghouta who already surrendered and were being bussed to the north of Syria.

Followed by the aggressions of Israel against Syria, including the attack on the T4 military airbase where the SAA and Iranian advisors command a fleet of drones engaged in the fight against ISIS, and the Iranians still did NOT retaliate to yet, let alone the Syrian retaliation. The attack on an SAA weapons depot in Keswah south of Damascus and the last attack on Baath City in Quneitra and 9 missiles shot over Damascus which provoked the SAA to retaliate strongly with 55 missiles targeting 9 Israeli forces posts inside the Syrian occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian Arab Army’s fierce retaliation wasn’t in the accounts of the aggressors, Netanyahu and his Orange buddy at the White House. Especially that Netanyahu was celebrated as the ‘guest of honor’ in the Russian Federation’s Victory Day parade with each of the Russian Army’s units saluting him alongside Putin, he thought he was the boss in the region as he thought he was the boss of those saluting him.

image-SAA Air-Defense Shoots Down Incoming Israel Missiles over Damascus - 09 May 2018
SAA Air-Defense Shoots Down Incoming Israel Missiles over Damascus – 09 May 2018

Hezbollah’s chief Sayed Hassan Nasrallah appeared on TV and with few words discredited all the fake allegations by the Israelis, which we also noted in our post describing the sequence of events during the latest Israeli aggression and SAA retaliation. He’s known for his integrity, honesty and credibility, the 3 features both the Zionists in Israel and their Orange protector at the White House lack.

Nasrallah’s words were enough to strip the Israelis their joy of being able to slaughter now 61 Palestinians and injure well over 2700 of them with impunity while celebrating the move of the embassy and the US policymaker Kushner’s statement of endorsing Jerusalem ‘undivided’ ‘eternal capital of Israel’.

image-Hassan Nasrallah - Hezbollah
Hassan Nasrallah – Hezbollah raising his index finger – this is a sign the Israelis don’t like

Not only did Nasrallah strip them their joy, he also put the whole of Israeli officials at an embarrassment with their core supporters exposing their lies when they claimed only 20 missiles were hit and not by the SAA but by Iranians and were all shot down. Nasrallah said most of the 55 missiles reached their targets which were very sensitive and important Israeli military posts. ‘Some of the missiles were small, others were bigger’Nasrallah added. ‘This time the retaliation was limited within the Syrian occupied Golan Heights, next time will be in the heart of the occupied Palestine’, Nasrallah concluded. Heart of occupied Palestine is known in the West as Israel.

The last Israeli lie exposed by Nasrallah’s few words was the Israeli response and claiming they destroyed all of Syria’s air-defense system showing a footage of hitting an already spent SAA missile defense unit as their proof.

The Israeli humiliation, combined with the SAA victories over the US-alternative terrorist armies, topped with the internal scandals Netanyahu and his Orange buddy at the White House face, added to them the lost credibility worldwide and the despise for the Gaza Massacre and the US cover, lead the Zionists to only one way forward: A new aggression.

When the information by our source was revealed to me I understood that I was expected to report it, which I did first on Twitter yesterday night since the cowards only attack in the dense of the night and now in this post, just to warn the Zionists and who’s behind them that their next adventure is already exposed and the SAA is more than ready to fight it back, alone or with its allies if required depending on the scale of the aggression.

If the Israelis heed to this warning and avoid the escalation, they’ll sacrifice one person, their PM who would most likely go to jail for corruption, and the rest of the world will have a holy peaceful Ramadan with Muslims around the world celebrating it and celebrating its Eid holidays after it. If they do not, which I personally expect, and carry out the planned aggression then they’ll have a lot of sacrifices to make and win nothing, while the Muslims around the world will celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with more joy and celebrate the Eid holidays with further happiness of victory.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Thank you for bringing this up. As I am still banned by Zionbook (FaRcebook) I am unable to share it.
    Anyway, you surely will be hated even more by the useful idiots of imperialism, the Putinists, when, after the assault, the question again will have to be placed why Russia allowed this to happen…

  2. Arabi Souri

    Da, kanishna .. Yes, true. But luckily the SAA stopped listening to the Russian ‘advise’ already and have been responding by their own for a while now. If the Russians – the Military – want to remain partners in the victory over terror and Zionism, they’re most welcome, they have sacrificed with our army in blood and sweat. The politicians will only join the winning party and scold the losing party.

  3. Stefan Heuer

    I thank you for pointing to the very important fact: the difference appearing between the official Russia – i.e. the Kremlin and attached mouthpieces – and the brave soldiers of the Russian army and Military Police who seem to do an incredibly good and well-cherished job in Syria. Remember the trolls who spit at you and me for ‘insulting Russia’ when, infact, Putin already has done this, not us? It appears important for me to always hint at the 2-faced engagement of Russia, the Kremlin’s treacherous appeasement on the one side and the splendid bravery and solidarity of Russian army in syria on the other. Even people I thought were smart like Tim Anderson seem to fall for the Kremlins (dark) appeal….
    The sacrifices of the Russian army soldiers inside Syria won’t be forgotten – although I fear that their loved ones one day will ask Putin whatfor their husbands, fathers, sons had to die when he sacrifices Russia’s most loyal ally for nasty deals with the terroristic west…
    SLAVA to the great people of Russia, and GOD BLESS SYRIA.

  4. Arabi Souri

    We are not ungrateful, on the contrary, but we distinguish very clearly between who helps us and who helps our enemies. Those who attacked us attacked everybody who defended Syria, while they only hide in that Facebook Group called: Syrian Revolution Untold Story and run by the Canadian Freemason and his cult. They even stole the group from the lady who started it and kicked her out when the group reached a considerable number of members.


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