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eu mp western support to gunmen encourages them to reject peaceful solution

Feb 05, 2013

PRAUGE, (SANA)- Czech EU Parliament Member Jiri Mastalka stressed that the western support encourages the armed terrorist groups in Syria to reject peaceful and political solutions.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Prague, Mastalka said that the gunmen are not inclined towards a political solution as they depend on foreign sides which back them with weapons, intelligence information, training and propaganda.

He added that the base for solving the crisis in Syria is to reach a compromise among the concerned parties, noting that this requires the will to do so.

Mastalka held the west responsible for not achieving peace in Syria as they don’t understand that the new colonial wars are not the way for a stable world.

He criticized the West double standards towards the crisis in Syria as well as in Mali, saying this policy contradicts the West’s alleged strife for human rights and combating terrorism.

On the global media war against Syria, Mastalka said that the aim of the Western media propaganda is convincing the local and the international public opining that there is no other solution to the crisis in Syria except the violent solution that serves the West’s interest.

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