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Erdogan Terrorists Shell with Artillery Abu Rassin Region in Northern Syria

Erdogan terrorists shell with artillery north Syria - archive

Erdogan terrorists shelled the Abu Rassin region in northern Syria with artillery just two days after storming a village there, looting, and burning the houses of the local Syrians.

The NATO-sponsored terrorists shelled the outskirts of Abu Rassin town with heavy artillery from their quarters causing material damage in the bombed area. The town is in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah province, south of Qamishli and not far from the borders with NATO member state Turkey.

Anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists of Hamzat, Sultan Murad, and Sultan Suleiman Shah (neo-Ottoman names) operate in northern Syrian under the protection of NATO’s second-largest army commanded by the Sultan wannabe the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Erdogan continues his efforts to Israelize a buffer zone in the north of Syria where he will displace the local Syrians with herds of terrorists loyal to him with their families brought from other places in northern Syria and from outside Syria. In his quest to carry out this war crime, Erdogan has resorted to all acts designated in the United Nations Charter as acts of genocide and crimes against humanity as if he’s taking it as a guide for his acts not instead.

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