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Erdogan Terrorists Open Fire at Other Erdogan Terrorists in Al-Bab City

Erdogan Terrorists Shooting at other Erdogan Terrorists in Al-Bab Northern Syria

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan opened fire on protesters at the entrance of Al-Bab city in northern Aleppo countryside to prevent them from entering the city.

Despite working for the same NATO sponsors, members of the so-called ‘National Army’ which controls parts of northern Syria under the protection of the Turkish army opened fire on the terrorists shipped from southern Syria with their families to prevent them from entering Al-Bab, the largest city in Aleppo’s northern countryside they occupy.

30 terrorists from the town of Umm Batnah in Quneitra countryside, southwest of Syria, were shipped with their families to areas occupied illegally by Turkey’s army, NATO’s second-largest army along along with assorted groups of Al-Qaeda derivatives, moving the terrorists was after an agreement brokered through the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria. These terrorists were carrying out attacks against their own former brethren who joined the reconciliation efforts in the south.

The Russian Reconciliation Center brokered the deal after the terrorists were defeated and cornered by the Syrian law enforcement forces in the central Quneitra countryside town of Umm Batnah.

The video is on also on BitChute and YouTube.

Officers of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria are coordinating their acts in this regard with the Turkish side based on agreements reached between the Russian President Putin and the Turkish madman Erdogan which are also part of the broader ‘De-escalation Agreements’ of Astana which Iran and Russia are guarantees of the Turkish regime’s commitments, most of which the Turks have failed since, multiple times.

Terrorists shipped earlier from the southern region of Syria to the northern regions of Syria, who also refused to join the reconciliation scheme and return to their normal lives, tried to help the newcomers enter the city by heading towards the checkpoint manned by the ‘National Army’ carrying banners and chanting slogans like: ‘consider it (the entrance of the terrorists and their families) a normal smuggling’ in reference to the smuggling of stolen material allowed by the ‘National Army’ personnel in exchange for a bribe.

Commanders in the ‘National Army’ terrorist group working for Erdogan put the blame on their boss, Erdogan, for not giving them the permission yet which left the 30 terrorists and their families, some 150 in total, spending their 2nd night in the open areas near the entrance of Al-Bab.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Erdogan is a cheap hypocrite warlord and I don’t understand why his followers worship him despite his many flipflops which are more than obvious, he claims to be against Israel and he never did any act that harmed Israel except with his voice but he did everything to help Israel including these terrorists he hired to destroy Syria and other countries that do not recognize Israel!


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