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Erdogan Terrorists Kill a Woman and 2 Children in Northern Aleppo

Syria Tal Rifat bombing Aleppo northern countryside

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish Madman Erdogan killed a woman and two children and injured seven other civilians in the town of Tal Rifat in the northern Aleppo countryside yesterday.

The terrorists based in Azaz and Afrin shelled with artillery the nearby town of Tal Rifat in the afternoon of yesterday Saturday 23 January, their indiscriminate shelling killed 3 civilians and injured 7 others, some of the injured are suffering from severe wounds.

Head of forensic medicine in Aleppo Dr. Hashem Shalash said in a statement that ‘the indiscriminate terrorist attack killed a woman and two children of 5 years old and 10 years old, it also injured 7 other civilians, one of who is undergoing series of surgical operations to save his life in the Aleppo University Hospital.’

The attacks also resulted in considerable damage to residential houses in the town and in public properties and infrastructure.

Multiple local sources said that the towns of Beylona, Meng, and Ain Daqna in northern Aleppo countryside were also severely shelled by the Turkish army artillery.

The Turkish Madman Erdogan sponsors a host of terrorist groups in northern Syria in regions under the Turkish army occupation, these terrorist groups follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine which he is its political leader and which the former head of Al Qaeda Zawahiri was one of its leading members. Erdogan’s goal is to Israelize as many territories in northern Syria and replace its people with followers of his cult from Syria and from other countries he managed to import whose young men serve in his mercenary armies abroad.

Erdogan is part of the plan to create the ‘Greater Israel Project’ as he stated once when he added that he was entrusted to lead Turkey in this project by George W. Bush. The project caused the displacement of millions of people from their homes, killed and maimed millions of others, mainly in north Syria and Iraq. These continuous war crimes his terrorists commit against the Syrians are part of the ‘project’ he’s leading.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s a one active black evil war and terrorist room run by NATO and their regional cronies and operating across the region, it might be called Centcom as well.


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