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Erdogan Terrorist Attacks Continue in Syria as Western Cretins Fight for Toilet Paper

terrorists panic campaign in Damascus suburb detonate a civilian car

Erdogan terrorists continue attacks against Syrians, in ongoing breaches of the [unilateral] CoH while westerners survive the horror of beating each other up in toilet paper fights. As of yesterday, there have been 33 reports of continuing attacks against the people of Syria.

The various mercenary and designated-by-all takfiri supported by Madman Erdogan began their attacks on the cessation of hostilities a nanosecond after the ink on the agreement dried. On day two of this CoH, the Turkish head of state who places his devotion to the Muslim Brotherhood over the national interests of his country, deployed more war criminal cannon fodder into Syria, through Kfar Lucin. The goal is to murder more Syrian soldiers, destroy or loot more Syrian infrastructure, steal more Syrian homes and create more forced displacement of Syrian civilians.

Erdogan's Children in Idlib the SAA is killing: HTS aka 'Nusra Front' aka 'Al-Qaeda Levant' aka FSA aka ISIS
Erdogan’s Children in Idlib the SAA is killing: HTS aka ‘Nusra Front’ aka ‘Al-Qaeda Levant’ aka FSA aka ISIS

Another attempt at terror panic against the Syrian population had a fatal outcome yesterday when a civilian’s car that had been wired with an IED was remotely detonated at the al Dahadil Intersection in Damascus. Only one human being was murdered in this atrocity.

The cowardly bombing of vehicles in crowded urban areas has been an ongoing terror panic to maximize the carnage and emotional destabilization. Such brutality would never be normalized in NATO countries.

On Thursday, Erdogan terrorist militias including Jabhat al Nusra — which remains on the terror lists of the US, European countries, and the UN — breached the CoH by launching ground-to-ground mortar and other artillery bombs in an attempt to murder Syrian soldiers defending Syria within Syria.

Erdogan’s Nusra & other terror gangs tried to murder soldiers at army posts in Hazarin and Hantoteen villages on Thursday.

These war criminal attacks were made against army posts in Hazarin and Hantoteen villages of the southern Idlib countryside. No injuries were sustained. The SAA “responded to them [Nusra et al.] with suitable fire means.”

Erdogan terror militias attacked army positions in Hizareen and Hantoteen, 12 March. Note also Kafr Nabl, aka Kafranbel on map, which was recently liberated by the SAA.

The conscripted Syrian Arab Army soldiers — sons, daughters, fathers, brothers of Syrian civilians — continue to liberate every inch of Syria from al Qaeda human pathogens. Civilians continue to live their daily lives while terrorists weaponized by NATO countries remotely detonate their vehicles, bomb or steal their homes, and while attempts to squeeze the life out of their homeland via economic terrorism euphemistically called “sanctions” are perpetrated by the perps who arm and fund the human pathogens.

These ongoing terror attacks — currently led by the rabid Erdogan, with the support of the swamp huffing POTUS — are ignored by western media. The gaze of NATO audiences has been directed to the hordes of shameless peons amenable to being specimens in Lord of the Flies Petri dishes. These specimens are regressed to that magical toddler stage elated in mystical belief in the uniqueness of individual excrement now — in adulthood, using COVID-19 as cover — shamelessly, publicly, beat each other up in some perverse gluttony over toilet paper.

There is a bit of good cheer involving another round of fratricide among Madman Erdogan’s barbarian mercenaries; many of these pathogens do not want to share the loot they have stolen from Syrian civilians.

Erdogan terrorists looting Syrians' belongings.
Erdogan’s al Qaeda thugs have created yet another offshoot: Firqat al Hamzat, looting homes and businesses in Ras al Ayn. Some kill each over for the stolen booty, but not enough.

The caliph wannabe Turkish president sent his criminal soldier cannon fodder to occupy the Ras al Ayn area of Hasaka in October. These Turkish regime invaders and occupiers set up a military checkpoint in the village of Tal Halaf, which is in Syria, which is not in Turkey. On Thursday, one of the mercenary militia factions voiced its displeasure over Turkish troops running this checkpoint, and someone blew up a vehicle there. The Erdogan regime did not disclose the fatalities, but Syrians noted that several bodies and various body parts were scooped up by Turkish regime vehicles and immediately taken into Turkey.

This is a map of Ras al Ayn, Syria, which includes the Tal Halaf village where unknown numbers were blown up by a greedy faction of terrorists. Imperialist Google demonstrates its support of a new Sykes-Picot carving of the SAR by arrogantly renaming the village.

That Madman Erdogan’s current leadership in atrocities against Syria has been pushed aside for western COVID-19 toilet paper breaking news is a temporary slight. His name has been polished and given a nod by the too many rabid dogs of Capitol Hill, plowing on with anti-Syria propaganda meetings, while the US remains unprepared for the pandemic in the midst of our infrastructure collapse and closure of essential hospitals.

As toilet paper starts coming out of people’s mouths, our NATO stenographer journalists will return to 24/7 crimes against peace.

Miri Wood


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    Turkish crypto jew President Erdogan destroying Europe

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    – Poyraz tells how President Erdogan came to power in Turkey with the help of Zionists which are behind the so-called JİTEM Turkey, a Secret Turkish intelligence service. JİTEM are believed to be behind many bombings, terrorism and other illegal practices. It is also understood to have close links with Ergenek, which is part of the US CIA Operation Gladio.

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