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Erdogan Serving Israel, the USA in the Aegean Sea against Russia

Turkish Erdogan serving Israel and USA on the account of Syria and Russia

The Turkish madman Erdogan has no limits in his geopolitical games, especially when serving the ‘Greater Israel Project’ he was tasked by George W. Bush to play a leading role in, as he stated once in a TV interview, in this context, he has backstabbed everybody he crossed path with except two players, the USA and Israel.

Maybe verbally, the Turkish madman Erdogan has managed to fool many with his firing criticism against Israel, but that was limited to his verbal acts, some diplomatic measures, sometimes, however, in geopolitics, economy, and war crimes, the Turkish anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood has served Israel times more than what the Saudis, the Qataris, and most Europeans did, he even served it more than its own prime ministers like Ehud Olmert, for instance.

A close look at the figures of trade between Turkey and Israel in the past decade, and the war crimes he committed against the countries that do not recognize Israel, mainly Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya, to name a few, will draw an undeniable picture about this character’s real intentions.

One of the constant fronts the Turkish madman Erdogan plays is the everlasting conflict with Greece, and subsequently, Cyprus; his latest threats against Greece which led the latter to ask for military protection from the USA is seen by the Lebanese geopolitical analyst Hasan Hamadeh as another game of Erdogan.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


In the preceding couple of days, the threat that (Turkish) Erdogan made to Greece was remarkable in international politics, that there would come a day when we would attack you inadvertently. I think we put this talk is not serious at all, but it has a function.

In principle: It is historically known that there is a great historical sensitivity between Turkey and Greece. This is a well-known topic.

As for the Americans, they are very interested in closing the sea routes, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean, in the face of the Russians. With this threat that Erdogan made to Greece, the Greek people and Greek political officials were put in a situation of tension, which made them ask the Americans to deploy their troops to some islands in the Aegean Sea, some of the Greek islands, to protect Greece from Turkey.

In this regard, Erdogan provided a justification for the Americans to occupy these islands, with the purpose of this occupation being to encircle Russia. This is how the international game looks, ostensibly, the Greek and Turkish dispute, the Turkish-Greek dispute, Erdogan’s threat, and the possibility of implementing this threat. Immediately, the poor Greek people begged America to come to protect them, and America had to deploy (their troops) again on islands in the Aegean Sea in order to close the crossings to the Russians, by turning the area into a militarily fallen area under the control of the American fleet and thus restricting Russia.

This is the international ploy, Erdogan is providing this service to the Americans, and ostensibly he claims to be independent and he does not take orders from anyone.

On the other hand, the Americans are stationed on these islands, while Erdogan is not actually threatening Greece and has no actual willingness to attack Greece, but what is required, like in a game of billiards, is for America to come to tighten the ring on Russia.

This international game that is taking place while the media is treating these issues with terrible lightness as a problem between Greece and Turkey, not as services that Erdogan provides to the Americans and the Israelis as well because we find that at the same time the Israelis are destroying the runways of Aleppo International Airport. There are four locations where the main runway of Aleppo Airport was destroyed.

These are services that the Israelis provide to the Turks, and the Turks claim that they have nothing to do with the destruction of Aleppo Airport; this is what the Israeli thugs did by themselves, we (the Turks) have nothing to do with it, but in fact, they provide services to each other.

This is the international ploy, I liked to draw attention to this point because the media does not address this issue at all.

End of the transcript.

There is a reason, in the Islamic belief evident in the Holy Quran, that God reserved the lowest dungeons of Hell not for the atheists, nor even the war criminals, but rather for the hypocrites. The Turkish madman Erdogan is the embodiment of hypocrisy acting as a true Muslim when all his acts have only harmed Muslims and true Christian believers, especially the Orthodox Christians, to large extent only to serve the anti-Jewish Zionist movement.

The question remains with the Russian leadership whether one day they would realize that the Turkish madman Erdogan is not trustworthy and that he is continuously trying to figure ways to backstab Russia again. Erodgan did not spare his own mentor Erbakan, his former President Gul who released him from prison, his closest buddy Davutoglu who forged with him most of his plots, his Turkish mafia partners, the Libyan leader Gaddafi, the Syrian President Assad, Iran on numerous occasions, to name a few.

A clear enemy is better than a flip-flop hyena.

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  1. Jack Oliver

    It has long been the case that the Rothschilds deliberately kept Turkey out of the EURO dollar so they could manipulate the Lira any time they chose if Erdoghan did not bend to their will !

    I think Hasan’s summary is accurate – thank you

    • Arabi Souri

      Erdogan doesn’t need persuading to serve his masters, don’t forget, he’s the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, this group has produced Al Qaeda, ISIS, and most terrorist groups around the world, besides, the first paragraph above has a link to an article with a video, I suggest you do watch that video if you haven’t yet.

  2. Roy

    I don’t think about it often, but though hardly a week goes by that another attempt on my life is made, mostly for my comments on websites such as this, I suppose; but, I think I have finally figured out why I’m still alive, despite all the hatred and death threats. I can’t say, for sure but I think the time is near, and of course, like always, it fulfills someone else’s agenda, so I, like so many others are mere puppets for a larger game. Wish you all the best.

  3. Huda Hajjar

    Where is Erdogan not playing the Russians? And we, in Syria are paying the highest price because from the beginning he was playing with Russia on our account until today.


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