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Erdogan Sending Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists to Afghanistan

Syrian terrorists loyal to Erdogan in northern Syria Muslim Brotherhood - Al Qaeda

The Turkish Madman Erdogan wants to beef up his troops in Afghanistan with thousands of Syrian anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who are currently serving him in Idlib and Libya.

Despite the Taliban emphasizing that the Turkish troops and terrorists loyal to Erdogan would be considered as an extension to the unwelcomed US occupation forces in their country, by this move, the Turkish madman and sultan wannabe will achieve two goals: one is serving his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv, and the second is reducing the number of the terrorists in northern Syria by making use of them even though he knows they’ll be slaughtered like sheep in Kabul taking in consideration their bad performance in Libya and in Azerbaijan, recently.

The following report by Dima Nassif for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news adds more info about these Erdogan plans:

The video is also available on Bitchute and YouTube.

Video transcript: Syrian terrorists who were earlier sent to Libya from Idlib and are stuck now in the northern African NATO-democratized nation will have a chance to join these Erdogan soldiers in Afghanistan as the only way for them out from Libya, the condition set by Erdogan.

The road to Kabul from Idlib and through the Turkish gates in order to secure the airport of the capital of Afghanistan is the new Turkish address to recruit groups of armed factions. In order to carry out the mission, the Turkish intelligence established two centers in the cities of Afrin in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib.

The geographical choice is not random, as Ankara does not exclude anyone from this task, in which it needs three thousand armed men, whether from the Al Qaeda groups stationed in Idlib or from the Syrian factions located in Afrin.

Ankara pre-empted a complex security operation and the results were not guaranteed in advance by keeping 500 of its soldiers near Kabul Airport in the context of negotiations between it and the Afghan government to secure and protect the airport.

The militants of Turkestan, Chechnya, and Uyghurs are the first to arrive on the recruitment lists after al-Julani tightened the noose on them and threatened to deport them from Idlib after they refused to join his organization.

Turkey has begun to open channels with the Al Qaeda factions, according to field sources, to work under its command in Afghanistan, in a clear indication that Turkey wants to get rid of the file of these groups in Idlib and plunge them into the battle of Afghanistan, which is an important land in the takfiri jihadist ideology.

Ankara is expanding the recruitment process outside the borders of Idlib. Activists conveyed from Syrians stuck in Libya that they were told that in order to leave the Libyan holocaust they will have to head to Kabul with contracts ranging from 3 months to a year and with salaries ranging between 1500 and 3000 dollars per month, depending on the duration of the contract.

Field sources confirmed to Al-Mayadeen that Turkey informed the militants that they would receive their training in camps inside Turkey in preparation for transferring the first batch of them to Afghanistan at the end of next August.

Turkey needs a human reservoir from these factions to strengthen its military presence in Afghanistan after the completion of the American withdrawal from it.

Dima Nassif, Damascus – Al-Mayadeen

End of the video transcript

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Excellent report, proving the known.. Erdogan is an enemy of Islam as much as his NATO and Israeli masters are. He’s betting on his close relations with Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan following their same religion and betting on Qatar’s special relation with Taliban to sell himself as Taliban’s friend, let’s see whether the Afghani people would believe this war criminal.

    Not feeling sorry at all for the mercenary Syrian terrorists who follow him, they killed thousands of Syrians in Syria before they were shipped to Libya and elsewhere.

  2. Marcos Rebello

    Erdogan’s calculations are clear. When leaving Libya and Syria, what would a bunch of dumb useless fighters do in Turkey but create havoc? He needs to get rid of them. At the same time he wants to look good to the US and demand favors later by creating more trouble in Afghanistan unsettling a peace process in the making. The side kick is against Russia to please the US even more.


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