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Erdogan’s Plan to Israelize Northern Syria with a Million Settlers on Track

Chinese Uyghur Terrorists of the Turkistan Islamist Party Israelize Northern Syria - Erdogan followers

Israelize northern Syria is the real plot: reports from Turkey claim that the Turkish madman Erdogan is planning to ‘return’ up to a million Syrian refugees to their country with the help of city councils in Azaz, Jarabulus, and Tal Abyad.

One of the sites, the Saudi regime’s mouthpiece Al Arabiya reported: ‘Erdogan said on Tuesday that Ankara was aiming to encourage one million Syrian refugees to return to their country by building them housing and local infrastructure there.’

Saudi Bin Salman’s propaganda outlet claimed that Turkey is home to more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees,’ adding ‘Erdogan is facing rising public anger over the refugees’ presence and is wary of the issue dominating next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.’

From my knowledge of this creep flip-flop hypocrite mafia-business partner, and war criminal Erdogan, I believe he’s ‘returning’ the families of his followers, not the Syrians uprooted from those areas infested by the Turkish army and a collection of terrorist groups spanning from the so-called National Army to ISIS (ISIL) all of which follow the same offshoot sect of Islam that Erdogan managed to radicalize the Sufi sect of Turkey into.

The Turkish madman Erdogan is replacing the people of northern Syria with terrorists and their families from other areas and from other countries from China to Latin America who joined the ranks of the ‘foreign legion’ he helped create.

That foreign legion includes his beloved and loyal anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi terrorists including the Chinese Uighur, the Northern Africans, and others from the Central Asian stans of Turkic origins he collected.

We have repeatedly reported that the Turkish neo-Ottoman sultan wannabe wants to Israelize a buffer region in northern Syria to separate secular Syria from the radical Muslim Brotherhood Turkey he and his AKP clan are ruling (see here, here, here, and in other places on our site,) we devised the term ‘Israelize‘ to describe these evil plans.

On the other hand, the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists have been actively working on a similar agenda to Israelize the parts of northern Syria they occupy with the help of the Biden oil thieves regiment of the US Army, also with the help of Israel and all of NATO combined, even Russia had supported them in the past and is yet to declare a new position toward their war crimes against the Syrian people in the provinces of Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Aleppo.

Make no mistake, the Saudis are hand-in-hand with the Turks, Qataris, US, Israelis, and the rest of NATO in the plot against Syria, any differences between them do not affect their joint efforts to destroy the Levantine country and slaughter its people, Syria, the last secular nation in the region and way beyond is an existential threat to entities like the temporary settlement dubbed Israel, the Al Saud fiefdom dubbed Saudi Arabia, the Arabia gas station dubbed Qatar (pronounced Gutter), and what Turkey has turned into under the rule of the UK empire-invented Muslim Brotherhood clan.

If Erdogan manages to carry out his agenda, he will be planting the seeds of a never-ending civil war his masters in Tel Aviv and Washington have long sought for the region. There will be no rest in the places where people were forcibly uprooted from their land and their land was gifted by those who do not own it to other people who do not deserve it; more than a century of the Palestinian cause hasn’t taught these fanatics that the real owners of the land will not give away their rights to their land to imported settlers even if all of the world’s superpowers and super-rich countries with all their evilness work toward achieving such war crime.

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  1. Barbara McKenzie

    Western fraudster media aren’t reporting on this – but then they never have reported honestly about Syria since the beginning of the war. Will share, when I’ve written an introduction. If you’ve done anything on the NATO bombing of Syrian troops in support of ISIS at Deir ez Zor, I wouldn’t mind the link.

  2. crisscross767

    Turkish crypto jew President Erdogan destroying Europe

    Author Ergun Poyraz, a Turkish wrote a bestselling book, The Children of Moses which is why he was 08/05/2013 sentenced to 29 years in prison for espionage against the Turkish government and he was later murdered 22 April, 2016. Ergun Poyraz reveals in his book The Children of Moses, that the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a crypto jew.
    – Poyraz tells how President Erdogan came to power in Turkey with the help of Zionists which are behind the so-called JİTEM Turkey, a Secret Turkish intelligence service. JİTEM are believed to be behind many bombings, terrorism and other illegal practices. It is also understood to have close links with Ergenek, which is part of the US CIA Operation Gladio.

    Read 0n –

  3. wpslol

    Erdogan will do nothing, he no longer has the strength to do it (by now he has the whole region against which countries like Greece and Egypt, he has only that piece of Libya left but once that too is lost he has nothing left but Northern Cyprus) , will not reach its objectives in Syria, even if I think that secular Syria does not want to take back that territory since its inhabitants have now become extremes, I don’t even know if it makes sense to take back Idlib as well (where the population will be ultra hostile to the Syrian government) , I believe that SAA will not go beyond the M4 it will only recover the territory close to that highway not because it could not but because it has no interest in regaining territories that are now politically lost, it should think more about the more important eastern territories also in terms of energy compared to desolate lands that have always been Turkmen (together with all those traitors to Syria, who stay in those territories and do not break the balls to the rest of Syria); As for Erdogan, he is now politically weak and will lose power in the next elections, even his AKP party wants to dump him.

    • Arabi Souri

      Idlib is part of Syria, in the matter of fact, all of the territories south to the Tauros Mountains are Syrian including all of Kilikia and the Iskandarun Strip falsely named Hatay.

      There are 2 million Syrians living in the northwest of Syria, the vast majority of them are patriot Syrians who are living and suffering under the rule of NATO-sponsored head choppers. There were stronger terrorists holding the east of Ghouta and threatening the Syrian capital Damascus, some 60,000 armed terrorists with direct link to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and western Iraq through the open desert, all of those were broken when their leaders were taken out and their entire trenches collapsed within a couple of days.

      We believe the same thing will happen in Idlib, the only difference is that for the terrorists in Idlib there will be nowhere else to go to, Erdogan will not receive them and he sent thousands of the Turkish army troops to help them in northern Syria so they don’t think of fleeing up north, there’s only complete annihilation for them in Idlib unless they do break Erdogan’s wall into their mother land Turkey.


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