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Erdogan Murders a Syrian Kurdish Family of 4 Celebrating Nurouz

Turkish Erdogan murders four Syrian Kurdish of the same family celebrating Nurouz in Jinderes-Afrin

The Turkish madman Erdogan murdered four and injured two other Syrian Kurdish of the same family in the Syrian town of Jindires, in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo celebrating Nurouz yesterday Monday evening, 21 March 2023.

Local reports from the region occupied by the forces of NATO member state Turkey, the Turkish Army, and al Qaeda said that armed terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan fired at a family celebrating the Kurdish Nurouz, the beginning of Spring, killing four of them at the spot and injuring two others, all six victims were taken to the local hospital.

A doctor of the ‘Jindires Military Hospital’ said that the two injured are in critical condition and their lives are in danger.

Turkish Erdogan murders four Syrian Kurdish of the same family in Jinderes-Afrin
The victims of the massacre committed by the Turkish madman Erdogan in Jinderes

The victims of the heinous terrorist attack (above picture) were named Nazmi Othman Abu Hoker, Farhadin Othman Abu Muhammad and his young son Muhammad Othman, and Muhammad Othman Beshmarq.

A terrorist group of Al Qaeda dubbed the ‘National Army’ attacked the family who was celebrating around a fire they lit in front of their homes and refused to put it down as it’s part of their religious rituals.

Due to the ugliness of the massacre, propaganda outlets and terrorist commanders of the several groups of Al Qaeda in control of the region under the so-called ‘National Army’ banner rushed to whitewash their groups of the massacre with some vowing to ‘bring the culprits to justice’ referring to the beheadings carried out by Al Qaeda in public squares in the villages and towns they infest.

The Kurdish locals took to the streets today, Tuesday 21 March in Jinderes protesting the terrorist attack of yesterday evening and calling for the eviction of Al Qaeda groups in its different names from their city.

Most of northern Syria which were under the occupation of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists was handed over to the NATO Turkish forces of the Turkish Army and al Qaeda in March 2018 after blocking the Syrian Arab Army from advancing to protect the region and vowing to defend it, only to flee their posts allowing the occupation of large areas in northern Aleppo by the NATO forces.

Prior to the US-led war of terror against Syria that started in March 2011, the town of Jinderes, in the Afrin region, had a population of 33 thousand people most of who were killed, and displaced, and since its occupation by NATO member state Turkey, dozens of Al Qaeda terrorists and their families were settled in the town within the plot to Israelize northern Syria by the Turkish madman Erdogan.

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