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Erdogan Slaughters 12 Civilians in a New Massacre in Aleppo Countryside

Al-Wadihi Massacre - Aleppo Southern Countryside

Nusra Front terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Recep Tayeb Erdogan committed a new heinous massacre today against the Syrian people in Aleppo southern Countryside.

12 civilians killed and 15 injured in Al-Wadihi village in Southern Aleppo countryside yesterday, Saturday, evening after the terrorists positioned in Khan Touman and Rashideen fired missiles against residential houses in the village. The indiscriminate shelling caused damages in the houses in the village.

Some of those rushed to the hospitals in Aleppo city have serious injuries and God-forbid the number of martyrs might increase.

Syrian News Agency Sana distributed the following pictures of the injured civilians rushed to the hospitals in Aleppo for treatment. GRAPHIC images, your discretion is advised:

This latest massacre is a desperate attempt by Erdogan and his terrorists to shift the Syrian Arab Army’s attention from the military operation in Idlib which is now under a tentative ceasefire which in turn is violated non-stop by Nusra Front terrorists, the backbone of Erdogan forces in Syria.

Al-Qaeda terrorists from the FSA, Nusra Front aka HTS, Jaysh Al-Izza, Turkestan Islamist Party, and others, are scattered throughout the southern and southwestern countryside of Aleppo where the Syrian Arab Army is under immense pressure from Russia not to advance further in the north giving the Turkish pariah more time in a hope he would stop his support to terrorist groups in north of Syria.

Animal Recep Tayeb Erdogan could not continue to commit such crimes against the Syrian people without the full supported of Animal Donald Trump.

The Syrian leadership has vowed to clean each inch of the country from the terrorists and from foreign occupation and to reunite the country, the goal which drove the western countries mad and have maximized their support to the terrorist groups, especially Nusra Front with advanced weapons including Kornet anti-tank missiles and Manpad air-missiles, while at the same time increasing their diplomatic, political and economic pressure against the Syrian people, their state and their armed forces in an attempt to keep the country infested with terror pushing it into submission to the US hegemony.

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