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Erdogan Loses 2 Soldiers and 2 Al Qaeda Commanders in One Day in Idlib

SAA Syrian Arab Army kills 2 Al Qaeda Commanders in Sarmada- Idlib

Erdogan, the Turkish madman became madder and is threatening to invade Tal Rifat in northern Aleppo countryside, the city is under the control of the Syrian state, in response to the eliminating of 4 of his troops within 24 hours, 2 Turkish army soldiers working for Erdogan were killed yesterday and 2 top Al Qaeda soldiers killed today in northern Idlib.

Tal Rifat is one of the cities governed by the so-called ‘de-escalation’ zones, an agreement that was signed by the ‘Astana Accord’ that drew lines of confrontations between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies on one side, and the Turkish regime with its Al Qaeda terrorists on the other side, the agreement is guaranteed by Russia, Iran, and Syria from the Syrian side, and by Turkey from Al Qaeda side.

Terrorists loyal to Erdogan dropped leaflets threatening to invade the city after 2 Turkish soldiers were killed yesterday and 2 Al Qaeda commanders today in the northern Idlib countryside in two separate targetings.

2 Turkish army soldiers loyal to Erdogan killed in Idlib

Local sources confirmed that 2 soldiers, at least, from Erdogan’s army were killed instantly when a roadside bomb was detonated in their armored vehicle in the outskirts of the Syrian city of Ma’arrat Misrin in northern Idlib countryside.

This is the second such attack against Erdogan’s army soldiers in one week time that ‘neutralizes’ Turkish soldiers, on 11 October a bomb neutralized 3 Erdogan’s army soldiers and injured a number of others, and on the 7th of this month, a Turkish soldier was neutralized, at least, in northern Aleppo countryside. On the 11th of last month September, at least 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and a number of others were injured by a roadside bomb on the Kafraya – Idlib road. The Turkish madman Erdogan likes to use the word ‘neutralized’ when referring to the victims he, his soldiers, and his terrorists kill.

Today, the Syrian army delivered another blow to the Turkish madman Erdogan by killing two of his top Al Qaeda commanders in the city of Sarmada, also in the northern Idlib countryside.

The SAA spotted the two commanders entering the city’s police station turned into Al Qaeda quarter in the city and targeted it with a blessed artillery shell which killed the two HTS commanders, local sources confirmed the direct hit and the ‘neutralizing’ of Erdogan’s friends.

In early March last year, the Russian President summoned the Turkish pariah to Moscow and a new agreement was signed by the two in which Erdogan committed, yet again, to implement the ‘Idlib Agreement’ which he signed 6 months earlier and committed to implementing the ‘Astana Accord’ in which he was supposed to oversee the disarm his terrorists in northern Syria from their heavy and medium weapons, withdraw them behind the vital M4 artery connecting east of Syria with its west through Aleppo.

Instead of all of the aforementioned points agreed by Erdogan, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood hypocrite beefed up his Al Qaeda terrorists in northern Syria, in numbers and weapons, and sent into northern Syria thousands of cannon fodder Turkish army soldiers to act as human shields to protect his more loyal Al Qaeda terrorists when they’re targeted by the Syrian and Russian troops, this explains the continuous killing of Turkish soldiers in the regions under the control of Al Qaeda in the Syrian province of Idlib, and the increase of the presence of the Turkish soldiers in Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah provinces.

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  1. James Graham

    Thanks Pal. I heard there has been an exodus of Syrian trades’ people heading for other countries. I suspect there may have been a method behind this apparent madness. Profits may be made in one place and realised in another. Perhaps they are still working for Syria and this is a way to avoid the sanctions.

    • Arabi Souri

      The news about them is exaggerated, one of the main stories used had already been in Egypt years before the war and for some of his personal or maybe business reasons, the jeans factory guy, the number of others leaving diminish in comparison with the number of new businesses being opened, it’s still tough times, sanctions are harmful in all aspects but are way less harming than terrorism and massacres.

      Let’s not forget the sheer volume of lies emitted constantly against Syria by its enemies especially now that they lost the main part of the war after all the billions they spent, they only have lies to please their egos and not admit complete failure in front of their audiences.

      • James Graham

        For sure. The die hard elements would have had their priorities cemented long ago. Their victory would easily outshine the petty profits the grovelling weak willed Westerners so desperately crave.


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