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Erdogan Kills 5 Civilians in Afrin after the Killing of 2 of his Soldiers

Erodgan soldiers killed in Afrin Aleppo countryside

The Turkish Madman Erdogan forces of the Turkish army and their Al Qaeda terrorist allies illegally occupying parts of northern Syrian regions unleashed a barrage of missiles and artillery against the houses of the residents of Afrin after killing 5 civilians and causing material damage in the houses after a number of his soldiers were killed in a double attack against their post near the city.

A video released by a resistance group in northwestern Aleppo on Thursday, 8th of April, shows an explosion that blew up among Turkish soldiers in their illegal post in the outskirts of Afrin and after Erdogan soldiers gathered on the site a guided missile was fired at them scoring direct hits.

Erdogan’s war ministry claimed only 2 Turkish soldiers were killed after the following video emerged online and they couldn’t hide the incident further:

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

Unless they are immune from guided missiles, the above video shows multiple casualties among the Erdogan forces despite their official narrative.

To retaliate the killing of his soldiers illegally deployed in northern Syria, the Turkish madman bombed the houses of civilians, a tactic he learned from his Israeli mentors.

The transcript of the English translation of the above video report by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel:

The Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries attacked residential areas in the vicinity of the Tel Rifaat and Afrin areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Local sources reported that the Turkish occupation forces fired about two hundred rockets and artillery shells at the homes of the people in the vicinity of the two areas, and the bombing also affected the villages of Abyan, Jalbal, Deir Jamal, Kashtar, Kafrnaya, and Sheikh Hilal in the northern countryside as well.

The sources added that the attacks resulted in material damage to the property of the people, the infrastructure, and public facilities.

On the other hand, two Turkish soldiers were killed at a post in Afrin city in the countryside of Aleppo. The Turkish regime’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that the two soldiers were killed in an explosion that occurred at their post in Afrin, which is occupied by the Turkish regime forces and its mercenaries by the terrorist organizations.

The posts and sites of the Turkish regime and its mercenaries from the terrorist organizations in the areas they occupy in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

End of the transcript.

As per the agreements between the Turkish madman Erdogan and the Russian President Putin, Erdogan was supposed to remove his Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists from northern Syria, especially from Idlib province more than a year ago, instead, he beefed up their numbers and weaponry, sent thousands of Turkish army soldiers to serve as human shields in front of Al Qaeda terrorists whom he values more due to their ideological blinded following of his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood religion proven by his ability to send them to different fronts to fight his NATO wars.

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