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Erdogan and Tamim Al Thani: 28 Summits in 70 Months… Why?

Qatar Emir Tamim Al Thani and Turkey President Erdogan

Erdogan of Turkey and Tamim of Qatar forged an evil alliance back in 2004 based on their Muslim Brotherhood ideological alliance and their efforts to serve only Israel at the end on all accounts within the Greater Middle East Project, including on the account of the national interests and security of their own countries.

The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net:

During his visit to Turkey last week, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani, signed a series of agreements that sparked a wide debate in the Turkish street, whether political, media and popular. According to these agreements, Qatar bought 10% of the Istanbul Stock Exchange with a value of $ 200 million and 42% of The Astinia Park Complex (Istinye Park), which is close to the stock exchange, and overlooks the main street that was called ‘Qatar Street’ 5 years ago, perhaps in preparation for these days!

It has become clear that Qatar will buy everything near or adjacent to this street, as is the case in the Golden Horn, whose investment company Qatar has also bought, and also bought the port of Antalya, in the south of the country. The opposition also spoke of the efforts of President Erdogan, who said, ‘Money has no religion or color,’ to sell the National Water Corporation responsible for all dams, lakes, and rivers to Qatar.

In recent years, Qatar has also bought many public sector institutions, including banks, ports, and media institutions affiliated with the sovereign fund headed by President Erdogan, and his son-in-law Why did Erdogan Sacrifice his Son-in-law, Berat Albayrak? from his position as Minister of Treasury and Finance.

The sale of the tank factory to Qatar two years ago sparked a wide debate in political, popular, and media circles, after the opposition accused President Erdogan of “national treason, because he sold a strategic sector to a foreign country.” The leader of the Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, said, ‘This sale is a response to the favor, after the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim, donated his private plane, worth 500 million dollars, to President Erdogan.’

And press information talked weeks ago about the purchase of Sheikh Tamim’s mother, Sheikha Mozah, and her sister, large areas of land overlooking the Istanbul Canal, which will be split between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara parallel to the Bosphorus. The opposition estimated the area of land that Qatar bought in various parts of Turkey at about 22 thousand square kilometers, which is twice the size of Qatar.

The opposition did not neglect to talk about the content and objectives of the Qatari-Turkish alliance, as the official Anadolu Agency said “Erdogan and Sheikh Tamim met 28 times during 70 months,” in addition to the dozens of telephone conversations between the two leaders and coordinating together in all matters.

Retired General Ahmed Yavuz referred to “the warm relationship between Ankara and Doha starting in 2004, the year in which the Greater Middle East project was announced.” And he said, “After that year, Washington and Western capitals sought to market the experience of the Justice and Development (Party) in a secular, democratic Muslim state to the Arab countries, with Qatari funding. This was evident with the Arab Spring, as Qatar and Turkey were major players in this spring, and they are still so in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and other regions, the men are from Turkey and funding is from Qatar.”

Otko Cakir Ozar, a member of parliament for the CHP, referred to the (Muslim) Brotherhood’s ideological alliance between Erdogan and Qatar, and said: “After Sisi’s coup in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE support for the coup, and thus the three countries’ hostility to Doha, President Erdogan did not delay in sending the Turkish army to Qatar to protect Al Thani from any potential Saudi aggression. This has increased the size of the alliance and its strategic content between the two countries, and with American approval, as America has two very important bases in Qatar, and from which it runs all its war operations in the region. America also has 12 bases in Turkey and other bases in all the countries of the region that surround Iran and Syria.”

All this talk did not prevent President Erdogan and the media loyal to him from attacking America from time to time, under the pretext of its support for the Kurds in Syria. President Trump threatened President Erdogan via Twitter in the personal, insulting message in which he told him, ‘He will destroy Turkey’s economy if he enters the Turkish army east of the Euphrates ‘, but he reversed and allowed that in October of last year to balance the Russian role in Syria.

These contradictions did not prevent Doha from taking dualist positions in the relationship with Washington, it signed new agreements with it to develop American bases, and then hosted secret and overt meetings between the Taliban and the American side to reach a comprehensive agreement in Afghanistan, as Al-Jazeera continued its ‘hostile approach against imperialism and Zionism’ since its inception in 1996.

Al-Jazeera attacks both Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen, and expresses solidarity with Turkey against them in Libya, and continues to support the Syrian opposition, which has come under Turkish tutelage only after the rest of the Arab and foreign countries abandoned it.

Whatever the goal of the Al Thani openness toward Turkey (83 million – population), everyone knows that the size of this economic, financial and political openness will ensure that Doha will withstand the ‘Saudi and Emirati ambitions’, as long as Qatar, with its population that does not exceed 350 thousand, is besieged by these enemy countries, with it Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, noting that Al Thani, and their origin from Najd, belong to the Wahhabis, like the Saud family, and the latter are enemies of Turkey, Ottoman and Republican, and now (Muslim) Brotherhood, after the Brotherhood pledged allegiance to President Erdogan during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, while Riyadh considered the Brotherhood A terrorist organization after Sisi’s coup on July 3, 2013, and all of that with American knowledge, consent, and green light!

The opposition refers to the personal financial relationship between President Erdogan and the Al Thani family, who used to seek their help every time to help him overcome the successive financial crises. Each time, Doha has pumped billions of dollars into the Turkish markets, which is suffering from the external debt crisis, which has exceeded 460 billion dollars, while the global, American, and European financial institutions refuse to help Ankara to overcome this crisis, due to the accusations directed against Erdogan regarding his elimination of democracy and the establishment of an authoritarian regime and its control over the judiciary, ‘which prompted foreign capital, and still is, to flee Turkey, despite the profits it makes in it. The volume of foreign investments in Turkey has increased to 1.5 trillion dollars, as the foreign capital controls 60% of the Istanbul Stock Exchange transactions and an equal percentage of the capital of the banks that complain of the harassment of the state that has proven its failure in dealing with the financial crisis.

This is confirmed by the leader of the Future Party and former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who constantly accuses Erdogan of ‘ignorance, tyranny, and corruption,’ without saying anything about his relationship with Qatar, as Davutoglu was the initiator of this relationship with Hamad Al Thani and Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim, who admitted in October 2017 that “Qatar and Turkey, along with Saudi Arabia, America, France, and others, were running together behind the hunt (President Assad), but he got away from them.”

This did not prevent President Erdogan and Sheikh Tamim from continuing in this approach, which is the secret of the alliance between them, not only in Syria, Libya, Somalia, and other places, but also in relation to determining the fate of many regional and international issues for the coming years as well, otherwise, there is no logical explanation for the attempts of a small country with its population and area like Qatar, to play a role greater than its size politically and militarily, which is what it seeks to compensate for by alliance with Erdogan, the heir of the Ottoman Empire against which the Al Thani rebelled 140 years ago, and now they see it as their protector and guarantor of their steadfastness against the ‘traditional tribal enemy’ Al Saud.

There is no logical explanation for Al Thani’s investments in this quantity and quality in Turkey, or any justification for Qatar’s funding of President Erdogan’s Brotherhood ideological moves with their strategic dimensions, in which Qatar has no interest!

Finally, everyone remembers that 16 years ago, Qatar and Turkey were among the closest associates to President Al-Assad, and then in the ‘Arab Spring’ allied themselves with Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, and the capitals of imperialism against Syria. The last ten years have proven that the only beneficiary of everything that happened in it, and in the region in general, is ‘Israel’ only, directly or indirectly, and the latest example of this is the Arab regimes scrambling towards normalization with Tel Aviv.

The press information that talked about secret meetings between Turkish intelligence officials and their Israeli counterparts and the Trump administration’s efforts to achieve reconciliation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia raised many questions, the most important of which are:

Where is the Turkish-Qatari alliance from all these stories and their possible scenarios that will determine the fate and future of Turkish politics after Biden came to power, and who Al Thani will seek to reconcile President Erdogan with?

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