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Erdogan’s Al Qaeda attacked a Syrian Army Base with a US Missile

Turkey sponsored Al Qaeda Levant Jaysh Nasr HTS in Hama Syria

A group of Al Qaeda Levant (HTS aka Nusra Front) operating in northwestern Syria under the support of NATO member state Turkey attacked a Syrian Arab Army base in the Syrian province of Hama with a US-made guided missile, social media close to the terrorist organization claimed yesterday, 1st of August.

The targeted Syrian Arab Army (SAA) missile base is located near the village of Tanjara in the Al-Ghab Plains in the northwestern countryside of Hama, central Syria, the terrorists claim they killed the crew manning the base without elaborating on the real number of the casualties, claiming there were killed and wounded Syrian soldiers as a result of the attack.

Syrian military sources have not, on their side, reported, by the time of this report, any such attack, if it did happen there would be a short waiting period to notify the families of the martyrs, again, if there were any.

Al Qaeda Levant sources reporting this terrorist attack claimed they used a TOW missile, it’s an anti-armored guided missile produced by a US manufacturer and has been used in every dirty proxy war the USA orchestrated around the world, it’s one of the favorite weapons by Al Qaeda and its ISIS (ISIL) offshoot in Syria and Iraq, and its other affiliated terrorist groups.

The cost of a single unit could reach up to US$ 100,000; the burden of the cost of thousands of such units in addition to plenty of other weapons and munition in the US-orchestrated long-lasting dirty wars by the world’s filthiest filth seems to be tolerable by the US taxpayers as they are spreading the ‘common values’ shared with them by Al Qaeda and its ilk around the globe, then they wonder from where the spiraling out of control US public debt is coming from especially with the deteriorating healthcare, welfare, infrastructure, and education systems are in the USA.

NATO member state Turkey directly controls the so-called HTS (names variations include FSA, Nusra Front, Al Qaeda, Levant, National Army, National Front, and so on) which operates in northern Syria, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan actually and successfully promotes this terrorist organization to the extent the United Nations Security Council went out of its way last month in breaching Syria’s sovereignty and territorial to extend a lifeline supply route from Turkey into the regions controlled by these terrorists despite the same UNSC lists this group as a terrorist organization.

The continuous renaming and rebranding of this terrorist group based on recommendations from western leading PR corporations is a futile effort by its sponsors to evade the UNSC list of terrorist organizations.

In addition to the extension of the lifeline supply route, the Turkish regime managed to obtain for this terrorist group last month, the Turkish regime sacrifices soldiers and officers of the Turkish army to protect these terrorists in northern Syria, and dozens of Turkish army personnel were killed while protecting Al Qaeda Levant in northern Syria in what is also a futile attempt by the Turkish madman to drag the other members of NATO to his military and terrorist adventure in Syria.

This latest attack against the Syrian army in northern Syria using costly weapons provided to them by the ‘collective West’ is not the first, if confirmed, and not the deadliest. On the 13th of May of this year, the same terrorist group also used a TOW guided missile to attack a bus carrying Syrian defense forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo killing 11 members and injuring several others.

These two terrorist attacks and several others occurred in areas designated as a ‘de-escalation zone’ by the Astana agreement and the consequent Idlib agreements in which the Turkish madman Erdogan himself signed on and obliged his country to disarm the terrorists operating in such designated areas from their weapons.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Some people continue to claim to this very day that the USA fights Al Qaeda and today they have another proof added to their allegations with Biden claiming he killed Zawahiri, a disposable card since long ago after the USA created ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the terrorists of Al Qaeda in Syria have become more glued to Turkey, NATO’s main member.

    The next time you face someone who claims the USA combats Al Qaeda buy them some fodder.

    • Huda Hajjar

      I know they know they use al qaeda to attack us and destroy our country, they approve what these terrorists do that’s why they are ok with financing it and providing it with weapons and protection. Nobody can be this stupid this long.


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