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Elizabeth the 2nd Forces Highly Likely among the Casualties in Al Tanf Bombing

Elizabeth the 2nd-gold collectors from invaded nations -file photo

Elizabeth the 2nd regime also has illegal forces operating in Syria, the UNSC permanent member entrusted to preserve peace and security around the world is the partner of its other two NATO permanent members of the UNSC, France and the USA, in every war crime they committed around the world under the aforementioned pretext.

Multiple sources have confirmed that among the casualties of yesterday’s bombing of the US illegal military base in the Syrian Al Tanf region were members of the ‘Royal’ Elizabeth the 2nd troops. The base was bombed by 5 Kamikaze drones and grad missiles.

The regime of Elizabeth the 2nd and its cabinet of its clown Johnson is yet to admit the number of casualties, however, based on its long history of lying and concealing the truth from its own people and from the world, it’s very ‘highly likely’ that the fate of these casualties will only be known after a couple of decades from now.

We urge Elizabeth the 2nd’s subjects who have members of their families serving her gold collecting hobby from nations they devastate to contact their family members in the ‘Royal’ oil thieves forces to check whether they were deployed in this US illegal military base in Al Tanf in the depth of the Syrian desert and whether they survived yesterday’s bombing, they don’t need to inform us, just for their own knowledge as we can’t care lesser about the fate of war criminals protecting an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group in this base.

The ‘Royal’ forces of QE2 operate also in the northern regions of Syria along with Al Qaeda terrorists, in Turkey and in Jordan to the north and south of Syria, they are instrumental in aiding the terrorist factions especially the so-called White Helmets in carrying out false flag operations and by providing them with intel and military training on committing massacres and propaganda. British forces working for QE2 were also deployed alongside their US brethren in western Iraq’s Ain Asad military base early last year when it was bombed by the Iranian IRGC in retaliation for Trump’s heinous war crime of killing the top Iranian General Qasim Soleimani in the Baghdad Airport when he was on an official visit to the country.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The British will never admit their losses, at least they will never tell the real numbers, not that the US will but the British officials are habitual liars, they lie about everything and usually their lies cause massive damage, like world wars, entire countries destroyed, genocide, endless ethnic and sectarian strife, and so on.

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