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US Democrat Eliot Engel: We could even destroy the Syrian Air Force

Helicopter from the Syrian Arab Army

Military Actions against Syria: Engel is a dangerous Zionist warmonger and no democrat.

The alleged Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel, has said in a recent statement that it is now the time to launch cruise missile strikes on Syria in order to get rid of the dictator in the Arab nation. Eliot Engel also said that the U.S. administration in Washington cannot afford to wait for decisions by the United Nations (UN) in terms of such a military strike against Syria.

The alleged top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who sounds more like a Zionist warmonger, Eliot Engel, further stated that the world is certainly a better place when Washington takes the leadership and that this is the time for the United States to do so. Eliot Engel added that he hopes that the U.S. military will soon launch a military intervention in Syria.

Eliot Engel made these dangerous remarks in an interview with the biased channel of Fox News on Sunday, of course. Birds of a feather flock together. It is questionable whether the world is really a better place when the United States takes the leadership. At least, there are several examples from recent years that easily refute such a statement. However, these kind of words is useful for the aims of such Zionist warmongers in the United States.

According to some reports, the number of Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress, who support military actions against Syria, is growing and the pressure on President Barack Obama to approve the U.S. military to launch an attack on Syria is said to simultaneously become very high, of course.

The alleged chemical attack in suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus last week should serve as a pretext for the war against Syria. A very useful pretext. However, the allegations that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has used chemical weapons (e.g. sarin nerve gas) against foreign-backed terrorists and Syrian civilians are not based on evidence. There is no evidence for these claims.

Eliot Engel further said on Fox News yesterday that the U.S. administration had responded to fast and that Washington is not able to afford to wait for the United Nations (UN) to take decisions. According to the statements made by Eliot Engel, obviously a warmonger, the U.S. military is easily able to “destroy the Syrian Air Force” in case the Pentagon wants to. He further said that the United States have to move and that the administration in America has to move quickly.

Helicopter from the Syrian Arab Army
Helicopter from the Syrian Arab Army

The warmonger Eliot Engel, whose statements in terms of military actions against Syria are very dangerous due to several reasons and even for several groups, further stated in his interview with the biased Fox News that the U.S. administration in Washington shall finally launch such an attack on Syria, while another senior official of the U.S. administration said that the leadership of America will consult the United Nations (UN) because the UN is an important avenue.

However, this U.S. senior administration official added that the United Nations (UN) is “not the only avenue.”

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  1. Arklight

    – – and these politicians get how much money from the defense industry and the Israel lobby? The UN is not the only avenue of course; there is always ‘another avenue’, just ask Libya.

    • Arklight

      For Libya Italy had limited participation, mostly in the line of logistical support and air space permission. I’m not sure, but I think that Italy got stiffed for its out of pocket costs, but they’re just across the water from Libya and have residual contacts there, since Libya is a former colony, and know just what a hideous wreck Libya has become. Hopefully, the rest of NATO will tell the US to take a hike. Well, except UK, or course, which is joined at the groin with DC.

  2. Giulio

    That would be a grat favour to Israel…. I ‘d like to suggest: if they attack Syria, a chemical and biological attack but this time carried out by Syrian Arab Army on….Tel Aviv. So The jewish lobbist may take some time to think about a insane they’re!

    • Arklight

      Ah, the romance of toxins! Sarin slays alike the just and the unjust. Israel needs ‘lebensraum’, but doesn’t pack the gear to do the dirty work themselves. I think that the Israelis have adopted the position (which makes sense) that a WMD is a WMD is a WMD, so a chemical or biological attack on Israel would require a nuclear response. I don’t care much for Israel any more, but I can see their point. I’ve no use for WMD in any form, and view a WMD attack upon Israel in the same light as I do the rats’ gas attacks on Syrian citizens. An abomination unto god, and utterly unacceptable for decent human beings. I despise the use of depleted uranium weapons by US, UK and Israel for the same reason. A stand up fight? yeah. Last man standing wins.


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