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Egyptian FM Delivers a Message to President Assad from El-Sisi

Syrian President Bashar Assad Received Egyptian Foreign Minister

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry delivered a message to President Bashar Al Assad from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressing in it Egypt’s solidarity with Syria and its readiness to continue supporting Syria in handling the effects of the devastating earthquake that struck wide areas in northern and western Syria on the 6th of this month, February.

The message from President El-Sisi to President Assad also affirmed Cairo’s keenness to strengthen the historical relations between Syria and Egypt and his desire to develop joint cooperation between the two countries.

President Assad thanked the Arab Republic of Egypt for the assistance it provided to support the efforts of the Syrian government in providing relief to those affected by the earthquake and stressed that Syria is also keen on the relations it has with Egypt, noting that the Syrian-Egyptian relations must always be viewed from a general perspective and within the framework of the natural and historical context. for these relationships.

Syrian President Bashar Assad Received Egyptian Foreign Minister
President Bashar Assad receiving Egyptian FM at the Presidential Palace in Damascus.

President Assad considered that working to improve relations between Arab countries bilaterally is the basis for improving the Arab situation in general.

President Assad noted to the visiting minister that Egypt did not treat the Syrians who settled there during the war on Syria as refugees, but rather, the Egyptian people embraced them in all regions, which confirms the bonds that unite the two peoples, and the originality that the Egyptian people possess.

This is the first visit by a senior Egyptian official to Syria since the former ousted regime of the Egyptian anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood severed the relations between the two countries to the dismay of the vast majority of the people in both countries and which led the Egyptian Army finally ousting the Muslim Brotherhood junta in 2013 immediately after Morsi declared ‘Jihad’ – holy war against Syria.

President El-Sisi’s message to President Assad came as well after the speaker of the Egyptian parliament visited Syria with the Arab Parliamentary delegation from most of the Arab countries paving the way for their governments to reconsider restoring their relations with Syria which severing it by them have caused harm to every Arab country.

Worth noting that the Egyptian foreign minister’s visit to Damascus lasted two hours only before heading to Turkey to deliver another message of support.

What’s in the Egyptian’s bag?

Ever since the disgraced former Egyptian President Sadat turned his country’s foreign policy 180 degrees to serve the hegemonic policies of the United States of America and his ill-fated visit to Israel, the entire region was further destabilized, Egypt itself saw fast deteriorating in its economy which reflected in the free fall of living standards, and the growth of a group of opportunist politicians favoring the interests of the US and the international organizations it controls like the IMF and the World Bank over the interests of the people of Egypt and the whole region.

The Muslim Brotherhood worked hard to weaken the Egyptian statehood claiming to oppose the Egytpian’s submission to the USA and Israel which easily led them to power in the US-sponsored coup against Husni Mubarak whose corruption outweighed his services leading to a wide sense of anger among the Egytpian people.

The Egyptians were greatly disappointed when the Muslim Brotherhood finally reached power after promoting a fake identity of Islam and anti-US imperialism only to discover that these parasites are just the other ugly face of the same US stooges coin and instead of severing Egypt’s ties with Israel, as promised by the Muslim Brotherhood for decades, the first thing they did was to sever Egypt’s ties with those who combat Israel, mainly Syria, and to crack down even on the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-controlled Gaza serving Israel’s interests.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) regime was ousted by the Egyptian Army after massive popular protests with the largest ever in Cairo, and after the intelligence service of the Egyptian Army heard a phone conversation from Egypt with the head of Al Qaeda Zawahiri who they were tapping his phone only to discover that it was no other than their own president Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood, on the other side of the line.

US failure to repeat in Syria what it achieved in a number of Arab countries before under the NATO-sponsored Gulfies-funded colored revolutions under the Arab Spring banner, the reverse domino effect was initiated across the countries in which the MBs managed to reach power and Syria was expecting a move from Egypt to mend its ties and fix what the MBs have spoiled. It took Mr. El-Sisi 10 years and an earthquake to call President Assad and this message that was delivered today.

Egypt sent hundreds of tonnes of humanitarian aid to earthquake-struck Syria in two ships and a number of military cargo planes after the earthquake.

What’s in the Egyptian bag? We will find out in the coming weeks, positive moves can start with appointing a new Egyptian ambassador to Damascus to replace the current chargé d’affaires, the restoration of economic trade to normal, and not blocking deliveries of the much-needed Iranian oil to Syria through the Suez Canal instead of the oil stolen by the US army from the Syrian oil fields in Deir Ezzor and Hasakah. Egypt can also remove its veto on the return of Syria to the Arab League…!

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