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Egypt Sends a Second Earthquake Relief Aid Ship to Syria

Egypt humanitarian aid ship arrives at Latakia seaport - earthquake relief

Egypt sends a second ship loaded with hundreds of tons of relief aid to Syria to help the Syrian people cope with the earthquake aftermath.

The relief ship departed the Egyptian port of El Arish earlier today heading toward the Syrian port of Latakia, a statement by the Egyptian Army added:

“In the implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to continue providing humanitarian aid to the countries of Syria and Turkey.”

An Egyptian ship had previously arrived at the port of Latakia carrying 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid, and three military planes had arrived at Damascus International Airport car carrying large supplies of humanitarian aid.

Egypt humanitarian aid ship arrives at Latakia seaport - earthquake relief
Humanitarian aid from Egypt arriving at Latakia seaport – 20 February 2023

These are the first official Egyptian interactions with Syria since the former NATO-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood government severed its ties with Syria within the US-led ‘creative chaos’ project dubbed the Arab Spring that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people across the Arab world and the majority of which were in Syria.

The so-called Arab Spring saw the rise of the US-sponsored terrorist groups, the likes of Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot who went on their killing and destruction spree across Syria and Iraq and continue to inflict harm on the people of the region.

Some countries were early in sending humanitarian aid to Syria immediately after the devastating earthquake of the early hours of the 6th of February earlier this month, while other countries waited for a green light from the US regime fearing the western illegal sanctions on Syria.

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  1. Jack Oliver

    Egypt has joined China’s RothschildLESS Belt and Road !

    The American Terrorist States ‘ tail ‘ is absolutely wagging the dog – these countries can’t wait to escape the Rothschild ZIONIST clutches !

    US influence is diminishing rapidly all over the world and rejection of the American Terrorist State is about to turn into a STAMPEDE once Ukraine is sorted – countries will have NO fear of the US !

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