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egypt people killed clashes

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

Egyptian Media: At least 120 Egyptians killed on Friday.

According to the Egyptian media, at least 120 people were killed in the recent clashes between pro-Morsi and pro-Military supporters in Egypt after the Friday prayers yesterday. In addition, it is reported by the Egyptian media that over 1,000 other people were injured in the nationwide protests and clashes of supporters of the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the supporters of the current interim government and of the military overthrow by the Egyptian army some weeks ago.

The Egyptian media reports that the clashes between the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the supporters of the military coup against the former President Mohamed Morsi have caused the death of at least 120 people yesterday – in the entire North African country.

Although one should not make the mistake to initial believe such numbers due to the reasons that both sides use false information as well as even false testimonies by so-called eyewitnesses in order to manipulate the public opinion and the reports by the media, while the Arab habit in regards to fairy-tales is also playing a role in this, it is clear that at least many people were killed in these clashes between the pro-Morsi groups and the Egyptians who support the military coup as well as the Egyptian military.

The reports from Egyptian say that the violent clashes broke out in Cairo’s Nasr City district after the Friday prayers yesterday. Many supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi gathered in this district of the Egyptian capital Cairo yesterday. This mob of protesters and supporters of Morsi demanded the reinstatement of the ousted President in their chants.

Other rallies and protests in support of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi were carried out in many other regions of the North African country, while tens of thousands of supporters of the Egyptian military also went on the Egyptian streets yesterday in order to demonstrate their support for the military overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood member Morsi and for the Egyptian army.

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..
Egypt – It could be so beautiful..

Both opposing groups of Egyptians followed the calls of the relevant heads, either the calls of the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood or the recent calls of the heads of the Egyptian army to take on the streets on Friday after the prayers and to give the Egyptian military “the mandate to act against violence and terrorism in Egyptian streets.” It was previously already to expect that yesterday’s protests will result in further violence and even dead in Egypt.

The calls of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for a “peaceful stand” against the military coup that has removed the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi have forced many supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood onto the Egyptian streets in the entire country yesterday. Same applies for the supporters of the Egyptian military.

According to some reports, the Egyptian army used live ammunition on pro-Morsi supporters during the protests this time, but such reports are to put into question until now. As mentioned, both sides are trying to use false information, propaganda, and lies in order to manipulate the public opinion – in Egypt as well as abroad, and the foreign media is playing its parts as usual.

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