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egypt muslim brotherhood west supports coup morsi

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt said in a new statement that the Western countries have fully supported the ouster of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and stated that the West thus has backed the military coup against the “first democratically elected president in Egypt” and that this move by the Egyptian military with the support of the Western governments will backfire.

It is not yet clear what the Muslim Brotherhood has meant with the statement that it will backfire, but in terms of this worldly organisation that has always misused religious terms to achieve political and worldly goals, one could even take this statement as a threat.

The senior leader of the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed El-Beltagi, said yesterday that the decision of the Western governments to fully support the military coup against the President Mohamed Morsi will fuel more hatred in Egypt against the European states and also against the United States.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its partly radical or less educated members in the countryside of Egypt “feel, with great regret, that the international community is somehow intervening in recognition and support of the military coup” against President Mohamed Morsi, according to the senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed El-Beltagi.

The senior leader just hides the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood was previously supported by the United States and some European governments in the first so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt in order to bring Mohamed Morsi into power and to get rid of the former Egyptian leader Mubarak.

Some leaks (e.g. the Feltman leak) confirmed this already in recent months and it is known in several political circles that Barack Obama and the US authorities have made a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood in the times when the US President Obama gave his “famous speech” at the Cairo University. If you read the transcription of the speech by Barack Obama at the university of Cairo (some years ago) again, you will experience a so-called “aha moment“.

Mohamed El-Beltagi, the senior leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood also said on Saturday, that the support of the military coup against the President Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) will restore the “hatred towards those European and American nations whose states always stand with despotic regimes” and this statement is funny.

While it is true that America`s Salvador option and other operations, deals, coups and machinations by Washington and European states have always cared about the situation to install proxy regimes or dictators in African, South American or Middle Eastern countries and that some democratic governments in the West are best friends of the totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi never was and never will be a democratic president of Egypt.

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..
Egypt – It could be so beautiful..

Morsi never was a democrat, just a puppet Islamist

Mohamed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was neither elected democratically nor stood for democracy in Egypt when he was in power. This is just propaganda by Western states and their media.

Thus, the former “Islamist” Muslim Brotherhood became “moderate Islamists” (used by media, Western governments) some years ago to change the propaganda and support the new goals in e.g. Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is still a dangerous organisation and this has never changed since it has been established years ago. It might be the case that a military coup isn`t very democratically, but in order to get rid of such Islamists and puppets of foreign powers, it might be an option, at least.

In addition, the US ambassador to Lebanon and also Jeffrey Feltman were surprised in a meeting that has taken place last year in the Lebanese capital Beirut – they were surprised that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wants more benefits than it has been agreed on previously – before the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt, which was already backed and implemented by foreign powers.

Thus, it would be no surprise when the West is again behind this coup against the Muslim Brotherhood, which is then their own fault due to the reason that they are never able to stick to deals when they dream about more money, power and influence.

And to just say it – Cairo and Egypt were safer, cleaner and more stable in the days of Mubarak. Less sexual assaults in the streets of Cairo, less dirt everywhere and less kidnappings and chaos and the economy was also better than nowadays – even after all the Dollars and Euros that were “given” to Egypt in recent years after the implemented “Arab Spring”.

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