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egypt muslim brotherhood members stormed police station

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

Some members of the Muslim Brotherhood and, thus, supporters of the ousted Egyptian Islamist president Mohamed Morsi have stormed a police station in the Egyptian governorate of Giza according to the Egyptian media, while the protests are still continued in Egypt and it seems that the clashes between supporters and opponents of the ousted Egyptian president Morsi increase in parts of the country.

The Egyptian media reported that the supporters of Morsi have attacked the local Talbiya Police Station in Giza, which is located in the west bank of the Nile – 20 kilometres away of the centre of the Egyptian capital Cairo. The report by the Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram says that the police has used tear gas in order to disperse the pro-Morsi protesters, who demanded the reinstatement of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

The attack on the local police station happened after the Friday`s prayers when the members of the Muslim Brotherhood left the mosque and took on the streets in order to do what they were ordered to – to care about protests and chaos as a part of the “Day of Rejection” – the Muslim Brotherhood has called on all its supporters to take the streets after the Friday´s prayers in Egypt and to protest against the acts of the Egyptian military and for the ousted president Morsi. Of course, such Fridays in Arab states need such names.. it`s useful and it always works, especially with such a mob.

The so-called main anti-Morsi unity called on “all Egyptians to mobilize in Egypt’s squares” in order to “protect the June 30 Revolution” and thus, it is clear that the opponents and supporters of Morsi finally ended up in some clashes. Some were already injured due to the clashes between both sides and according to sources, even a deadly gunfight erupted in the capital Cairo – in front of the Republican Guard headquarters, where thousands of Muslim Brotherhood-supporters gathered in support of the questionable non-democratic former president Morsi.

Ahmed Fahmy, one of the senor leaders of the suspicious Muslim Brotherhood, has called on all supporters of the ousted president and member of this “organisation” to “back off” and not to confront the Egyptian army, while the Egyptian military has already sworn in a so-called interim president – Adli Mansour. Mansour has already issued his first decree today and dissolved the parliament in Egypt. He also appointed a new head of the Egyptian intelligence.

Egypt & Qatar: Loans for the Egyptian pharao.
Egypt & Qatar: Loans for the Egyptian pharao.

The new interim president Adli Mansour called on all Egyptians to stop the clashes and said that the Egyptian people have to be one body and that there were already enough of division in Egypt. In terms of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mansour invited them to take part in the new political process of the country, because “the Brotherhood is a part of the fabric of the Egyptian society”. While Mansour probably thinks this is great, one can also say, this is one of the saddest facts about Egypt and especially about the countryside and farmlands in the country.

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