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Egypt’s Lost Opportunities, and the Libyan Qualifying Field

Turkish invasion of Syria to establish a secured zone - no fly zone

Egypt has lost a number of precious opportunities to lead the region economically, establish the Arab National Security, and be part of the victor’s alliance, instead, for unknown reasons the Egyptian government decided to align with the camp where Israel is the leader and the USA is steering the wheel from the backseat.

Nasser Qandil, former Lebanese MP and Editor in Chief of Al-Binaa newspaper, a publication by the SSNP political party shared his view (Video- in Arabic) on the above points and detailed how Egypt lost its path using a wrong compass choosing the losing side and not standing up for Syria when it needed its help.

The translation of the transcript below followed by the full Arabic transcript:

Turkish coast opposite Libyan coast - Turkish Economic Zone - as per TR

When the Turkish army invaded the Syrian lands east and west and the Syrian state announced that its army was mobilized to confrontation, an Egyptian position was issued a warning of the danger of the Turkish move to Arab national security, it was Egypt’s opportunity that was lost to stop the Turkish incursion into the region even if by sending a symbolic force from its army and a unit of its officers to translate its position considering the Turkish threat, does not threaten Syria alone.

The Egyptian government did not do this, nor its equivalent in politics. Instead, shortly after that, its foreign minister commented on Syria’s return to the Arab League by linking it with conditions related to steps required of the Syrian government on the path of what he called a political solution, and what is meant is a solution with opposition members that Turkey controls their decisions.

The Egyptian government knows that the danger that threatens it and threatens Libya, its unity, and its security is the same as the danger that messed up and is still trying to tamper with Syria, its unity and security, and that the legitimacy of the Syrian state is more rooted than the legitimacy it seeks to cover its interference in Libya without placing conditions related to a political solution there. It also knows that the difference between the Syrian and Libyan cases is nothing but what the Egyptian president hinted about the international cover to interfere in Libya, and it is definitely meant a green light, and the most likely yellow, for this intervention, such as the yellow light that granted Turkey to intervene in a similar manner, and the problem is that the same authority that granted the yellow light to Turkey is the same that gives it to Egypt, and it is finally in Washington.

When the Turkish President began his intervention in Libya militarily and publicly based on the delineation of the sea-water borders with a Libyan government that follows Turkey, the Egyptian government had missed a second opportunity when it was positioned in the gas alliances in the region within an alliance that it shared with the Occupation Entity (Israel), Greece and Cyprus that the US Secretary of State publicly sponsored to confront the Russian gas pipeline to Europe, in which Turkey participates, so the Turkish-Libyan demarcation seemed to geographically block the way in front of a competing pipeline for Russia towards Europe, the Egyptian government decided to be part of it, while a cooperation with Lebanon and Syria in the field of gas was awaiting it in a third alliance, that Russia cannot consider as an enemy, and a third chance for Egypt was lost.

Syria Bashar Assad Iran Hassan Rouhani Russia Vladimir Putin

Some Egyptian politicians, journalists, and diplomats express their accusation that Iran is supporting the Turkish aggression against Libya, and some of them talk about Russia also as a supporter of the aggression, but they know that Iran faced this same Turkish aggression when it targeted Syria despite all the entanglement of interests between Iran and Turkey, and similarly Russia did, therefore, Iran and Russia cannot be condemned by Egypt for their formal recognition of a government controlled by Turkey as long as the Arab League officially adopts this government and gives it the Libyan seat at the Arab League while the Syrian state is deprived of its seat there, and since the Egyptian government decided to confront the Turkish role in Libya from within an alliance that includes Saudi Arabia and the UAE on The base of a concept of national security which has no place for hostility to the Occupation Entity (Israel), but rather a Gulfies drive to normalize (its relations) with it and focus on portraying Iran as an alternative enemy to the occupation entity.

It is clear that who gave the yellow light to Turkey, then to Egypt, with the Gulfies support to intervene in Libya, is the American who wants a qualifying arena for the final matches between his allies with an award, which is Libyan Oil, to the winner of the status of regional power parallel to Iran in the subsequent negotiation about the security of the region and its arrangements. A project to divide Libya might pop its head up from the heart of this long war of attrition for the resources of major countries and armies in the region.

Despite all of this, the positions and feelings of all those who realize the difference between the wrong attitude and the aggressive sin will remain, will be to stand alongside Egypt and its army, when it fights the Turkish aggression against Libya, and the Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians, especially those who realize the bitterness of abandonment, will participate in supporting Egypt, so will all Arabs and all the honorable and those with free will be with them, despite the feeling of bitterness.

Victors Alliance: Syria - Russia - Iran
The Victor’s Alliance

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The Arabic transcript follows on page 2:

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