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Egyptian Military

Egypt: At least 5 people killed in Friday’s clashes.

According to the recent reports about the clashes between supporters of the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the supporters of the coup against the member of the Muslim Brotherhood and President of Egypt by the Egyptian military, at least five people have been killed in the North African country and more than 200 were injured during the new clashes on Egypt.

In addition, further reports say that the Egyptian army has used live ammunition on the supporters of the military overthrown Mohamed Morsi this time and thus, not only rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesters. But this information should not be taken as the truth currently due to the situation that both sides make use of false information and lies in order to manipulate the public opinion in Egypt as well as the reports by (especially the foreign) media agencies on the current events in the North African country.

It is either the situation that the Egyptian army has really used live ammunition on protesting supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) or that these reports are delivered by the Muslim Brotherhood and thus, are eventually propaganda and finally not true. Of course, there has been a kind of threat in advance against the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian army.

In intense clashes after the Friday prayers in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria between supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and supporters of the Egyptian military as well as for the interim government of the North African country, at least five people were killed during these clashes.

According to the reports, the supporters of the ousted President Morsi, mainly also members of the Muslim Brotherhood, were marching through the streets of the Mediterranean city of Alexandria when opponents have attacked them with rocks, knives, and guns – according to an eyewitness and this is the problem in these reports about the alleged five killed pro-Morsi supporters.

It would not be the first time that the mainly Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is using false information in order to implement their political goals or to influence the opinion within the country and abroad by using false testimonies in statements to the (foreign) media.

The Muslim Brotherhood is using religious terms and useful religious topics to achieve worldly goals and to gain power in terms of politics since the Brotherhood was established. According to the cited eyewitness, five people were killed by this attack on pro-Morsi supporters in the Egyptian town of Alexandria, and at least 50 were injured during the clashes and by this alleged attack.

The Egyptian Health Ministry has already published the information that more than 200 Egyptian people were wounded in the intense confrontations and clashes after the Friday prayers in the entire North African country yesterday.

Egyptian Military
Egyptian Military

According to the statement by the Egyptian Health Ministry, hundreds of thousands of people held nationwide protests for and against the coup by the Egyptian military against the President Mohamed Morsi.

While tens of thousands of Egyptians followed the calls of the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood nationwide and especially in the countryside of Egypt, also tens of thousands of Egyptians heeded the call of the Egyptian army chief, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, to hold demonstrations to show their support for the army coup against Mohamed Morsi and to give him and the Egyptian army the “mandate to act against terrorism and violence” in Egypt.

Yesterday, the Egyptian state news have already reported in advance of all the protests for and against the coup of the Egyptian army to throw Morsi out of office, that the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is being detained while Egyptian prosecutors are said to investigate the claims against Morsi that he has conspired with Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement, in order to carry out attacks during the so-called “Egyptian revolution”.

Under consideration of the usual course of action of the Muslim Brotherhood, some parts of Hamas, and the typical “style” of these sides, it would be no real surprise when these claims against the ousted Egyptian President Morsi, and thus, against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, would be even true.

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