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Egyptian Military

After around 100 people have been killed in the unrelenting wave of violent clashes between the supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood against the supporters of the Egyptian army, the heads of the Egyptian military have finally given a 48-hour deadline to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood to end their protests, which only increase the violence on Egyptian streets. And there is a new deadline for the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian army since yesteday.

The Egyptian military has given the Muslim Brotherhood a deadline to end their calls for protests and the protests on Egyptian streets and this ultimatum to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was issued directly by the head of the Egyptian military, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, on Thursday – according to an Egyptian official who spoke on the condition of anonymity yesterday.

The Egyptian official from the armed forces of the North African country said that the 48-hour deadline not only includes the call on the Muslim Brotherhood to end their protests, but also the demand that the heads of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood shall support the interim administration in Egypt, which was appointed by the military.

According to the sources of the Egyptian military, the armed forces in the North African country will “not initiate any move” but they will “definitely react harshly against calls for violence.” Of course, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood has released a statement on the same day and the its leader, Mohamed Badie, called on all Egyptians to take the streets after the Friday prayers today in order to “demand freedom and legitimacy”, while the both terms freedom and Muslim Brotherhood contradict themselves. The deadline for the Muslim Brotherhood means that the Egyptian army will sure respond to protests of supporters of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood today and thus, it is a threat and nothing else.

There is not such a thing as a “moderate Muslim Brotherhood”. This term was invented by Western media shortly before the US-backed overthrow of the former regime in Egypt in order to support the new “role” by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after the overthrow of Mubarak.

Barack Obama and its administration have finalized the deal between the United States and the Egyptian Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, around the time of his “famous” speech at the Cairo University some years ago. This is confirmed by the context of the speech by Obama and the last “Feltman leaks“, but also by sources from the intelligence service.

The “Arab spring” in Egypt has been staged and it has been triggered to serve foreign interests. Just read the context of the Obama speech at the Cairo University again and you will have your own personal aha moment.

Egyptian Military
Egyptian Military

The call of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt comes a day after the Egyptian military chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has called on all Egyptians in the North African country to take to the streets today (also after the Friday prayers) in order to show their solidarity and support of the current interim government in Egypt. General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that he urges the Egyptians to take to the streets this coming Friday, so that they prove their will and give him, the Egyptian army and the Egyptian police “a mandate to confront possible violence and terrorism.”

Of course, when both sides take to the streets after the Friday prayers today, further clashes and violence will certainly take place in Egypt and especially in the capital, Cairo. But it seems this state of chaos and violence is useful for at least one of the sides and looks a bit like the situation around the last staged “Arab spring” in Egypt – so, this side could be the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

At least, as long as they are called a “democratic party” by foreign media and governments, and as long as the military overthrown President Mohamed Morsi is described as the first democratically elected President of Egypt. However, Mohamed Morsi is neither a democrat nor an incorruptible leader who was good for the Egyptian people when he has been in office.

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