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Eastern Christianity Fell into the Last Ambush in East Beirut, But ‘for Every Samir there’s a Habib’

Samir Geagea - Habib al-Shartouni

Samir Geagea, Lebanese politician, head of parliament bloc, war criminal, and US proxy is working overtime to ignite a redo of the Lebanese civil war that lasted 15 years between 1975 and 1990, the civil war that destroyed much of the country and led to a massive exodus of mainly the Christians. Naram Serjoon, a Syrian author has a radical idea to prevent new massacres and a new civil war in Lebanon, it worked before to wake up the Christians of Lebanon from sacrificing themselves for the evil plot Geagea is tasked by his western and Saudi sponsors, the following is the translation of his latest post.

It is said that the history of life on earth is a history of death, the process of extinction and fading affected 90% of the earth’s creatures; I fear that this prophecy will apply to the Eastern Christian existence, which is eroding and vanishing, it seems that a shot of mercy on this existence will be fired from Christian hands but at the same time, only a Christian hand will save Eastern Christianity.

I am writing these words and my pen is trembling, and my heart is trembling from the cold, and here I am writing a prophecy as if it were a vision, and a vision as if it was a prophecy, and my prophecy and my vision look to the East, which has changed a lot so that the Jews became more than the Christians in less than fifty years. The Zionist project was able to uproot Christianity from the East by uprooting its nails that were embedded like wedges throughout the East. I look around and I do not see except the bleeding of the Christian demography. This Eastern bleeding of Christians is not a coincidence and is not innocent, as if someone wants to say that the East is pure Islam and that the West is an overwhelming Christianity, and that the conflict between East and West is a conflict between Christianity and Islam, and it is Israel that will represent the remnants of Christianity through The Old Testament, and that the relationship of the East with Christianity will be limited to Jewish Israel.

In the twentieth century, the biggest loser from the friction with Western European colonialism was Eastern Christianity. Antioch and its church were appended to Turkey. Antioch Christians became isolated as a weak minority in a Turkish Islamic sea. The Christian presence isolated from the Christianity spread in the Levant kept shrinking and eroding until the Christian presence in Antioch almost became extinct, which is a natural result of isolating the Christian enclave of Antioch and separating it from the large natural Christian body in the Levant.

Then two projects were advanced in the region through the Sykes-Picot project. The most losers of these two projects were the remnants of the Eastern Christian bloc in the Levant, and these two projects are the Francophone project and the Anglo-Saxon project.

The Anglo-Saxon project created the Jewish-Zionist project that swallowed Palestine and completely eradicated its Christians, only 1% of the historical Christians of Palestine remain in all of Palestine today, that is, Christianity has been eradicated from Palestine, what is the use of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher when there is no demographic mass around it? Today, it has turned into a tourist attraction under the supervision of Israel.

The Francophone project created the state of Greater Lebanon and designated it to be a Christian state with a Christian majority. But this entity called Christian Lebanon separated the Christians of Lebanon from the Christians of Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Jordan. The Christians of Lebanon were attached to European Christianity because this French Christian entity, by design, began to feel that it was threatened by its Arabic and Islamic environment and that there was no way to preserve it except by European protection. This made the relationship with his Arabic and Islamic surrounding tense which caused civilian wars in which all of the Christians joined and lost their youth in religious tribulations that led many of them to emigrate, and Christian Lebanon turned into a European protectorate at odds with its surroundings and always suspicious of it.

For Every Bashir there is a Habib

When the West invaded Iraq and launched the Arab Spring project in Syria and took care of the growth of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) and gave them names like Jaysh al-Islam, Jaysh al-Jolani, Ahrar al-Sham and Sultan Murad as armies of liberation and freedom, it was aware that the first to pay the price would be the Christian presence in the East. Nevertheless, it turned a blind eye to the violence that pushes Christians to emigrate and flee like what the Zionists did to the Jews of Iraq when they blew up synagogues and Jewish neighborhoods to force Iraqi Jews to flee to occupied Palestine. Indeed, the Christians disappeared from the Nineveh Plain and from the Syrian Jazira region, and the Christians evaporated from areas that were Christian for the past two thousand years. I learned from well-known and respected Syrian Christian personalities that the Christians of Syria received a share of the extinction, and that their numbers decreased, and that there were those who were working to displace them and facilitate their migration under the pretext of protecting them. The West dismantled the Iraqi army, which was the cover for all Iraqi Christians and Muslims, but Christians were targeted with covert violence, in particular, to force them to flee.

Likewise, the West, with its support for the so-called Syrian revolution, expelled the Syrian army and the Syrian state from the Syrian Jazira and from the Christian areas. In fact, the West saw that ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra were expanding in Lebanon from the Syrian border, nevertheless, it did the impossible to stop the Syrian army and Hezb Allah and prevent it from confronting ISIS and Al-Nusra in Lebanon although far and near knew that this Islamist terrorist wave would uproot Christians either by terrorizing and intimidating them or by launching religious guardianship on them to force them to leave. It is very difficult for anyone to convince me that the West did not see this fate and this path. The West is not naive to believe that the Islamists will leave the Christians to live in safety.

There is no doubt that the Islamist wave has annihilated a lot of Christian demography and kept it away from the scene and the demographic map, but the last remaining scene remains of the Christians of the East who are pushed to a new holocaust this time by a crazy and extremist Christian, Samir Geagea, the one who boasts that he has thousands of experienced fighters to defend Christianity and East Beirut even though these gunmen watched the advance of ISIS and al-Nusra in Lebanon and their spread and did not move a finger to protect any Christian, rather, Geagea’s effort was to defend Jabhat al-Nusra.

It is strange that Geagea realizes that any battle with any party in Lebanon will end with his complete crushing, Western countries will not intervene to protect him because he will not be more precious than the Christians of Al-Quds (Jerusalem,) Palestine, Iraq, and eastern Syria whom the West saw with its own eyes dispersing, shrinking and extinct and not move a finger.

Samir Geagea wants one thing, and that is to lure Hezb Allah into a battle with him, even if it is a losing battle, if Samir Geagea loses the battle, this will cause a natural sympathy and Christian bias towards him, and a part of the Christians of the Aounist movement will be inclined towards him.

This will divide the Christians more and open a Christian-Christian conflict, and if it appears that he is winning, it will be an attractive factor for Christian elements from the other Aounist camp as well because victory has an attraction like happened with the Islamists who won at the beginning of the battles of the Arab Spring and the Syrian war, which encouraged many to join them to enjoy victory and the attachment with the new glory.

What matters is that Christians will be lured to a Christian – Christian war or a Muslim – Christian war or a Shiite – Christian war, whatever the results are, it will be catastrophic on the Christians of the East. Their intense presence in Lebanon may end whatever the result of the conflict will be because the war will not be merciful and immigration will be easier for Christian youth because this violent engagement in free internal conflicts will only be bad results on Christians because they will find themselves in the midst of a long civilian battle will be bleeding their money and their youth, many of them will find the doors for immigration open and welcoming and this mass exodus will be the shot of mercy on the Christian presence in Lebanon.

Perhaps the Christians of the East and Lebanon, in particular, do not realize what trap and ambush they are being led into by the recklessness of Samir Geagea, who puts the Christians of Lebanon against their will in the face of Hezb Allah and the Axis of Resistance that challenged America itself and the West and will not allow Geagea to harm Hezb Allah. Samir Geagea will be extremely naive if he thought Israel would go to war for him. Rather, Israel’s ultimate ambition will be to split the alliance between Michel Aoun and Hezb Allah and for Geagea to relieve it from paying the blood of the confrontation with Hezb Allah, as it did with the Islamist youth who paid their blood and it left them to die on its behalf.

But if this war breaks out, it will isolate the Eastern Christians and turn them into a strained entity that is afraid for its existence that will end by natural shrinkage and contraction. And if the strong Christian presence in Lebanon ends, this will mean a message to those who remain from the Christians of the East that the East is no longer for them and they must prepare their departure because in any change in the political systems, trends, and conflicts, they will be forced to enter into alliances they do not want and they will be a weak minority that will be swept away by political passions.

Unfortunately, if Hezb Allah refrains from punishing Samir Geagea because it is aware of the sensitivity of the situation and the game targeting Christians, its main allies in Lebanon, it will encourage Samir Geagea to commit more foolishness and recklessness. Perhaps there will be no equation with the least losses, except to return to a Christian equation that said previously “for every traitor, there is a Habib, and for every Bashir (Gemayel) there is a Habib”. It is the equation established by the hero Habib al-Shartouni, the Lebanese national Christian, the son of the martyr hero Anton Saadeh.

As the hero, Jules Jamal, the Syrian Christian who carried out the death sentence against the French (Christian) destroyer Jean Bar in Port Said, Habib Al-Shartouni was a Lebanese Christian who executed a traitorous Lebanese Christian in defense of the name of the national Eastern Christianity. This heroic act was a reason for the Lebanese Christian national forces to wake up and take the initiative from the reckless and adventurous Christians and bring the Christians of Lebanon back to the heart of the national scene that created the fall of May 17 (accord), and that created the phenomenon of Hezb Allah, whose back was supported by Christian patriotism, without them, it would not have been easy to achieve the liberating of the south (from Israel in 2000) and defeating Israel in 2006.

Habib al-Shartouni’s work was a message that everyone understood, and heroism that saved a lot of Christian and Lebanese blood. Will the youth of Christian Lebanon do it and bring us a hero that saves us the trouble of punishing Samir Geagea and launches an equation (for every Samir there’s a Habib)? Be fully confident that this equation will awaken the lunatics in the Lebanese Forces (Radical right-wing LF Militia) from their delusions, dreams, and indiscretion, and restore many of them to their senses and rationality, which are manipulated by the Israeli propaganda outlets that publish scenes of violence in the name of the Lebanese Forces as if they are calling for holy Christian jihad.

Who is Samir Geagea's Habib

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  1. Roy A Booher

    The Zionists are doing the same thing here in America to force the Christians to emigrate or die. So far, here too the Christians remain asleep ? and unaware.


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