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Drone Bombs US Army Stealing Syrian Oil after Israeli Bombing

US army occupying oil field in Syria - file photo الجيش الامريكي يحتل حقل نفط سوري

The illegal base of the US Army occupying a Syrian oil field in northern Syria came under missile attack from a drone in retaliation to the Israeli bombing of the outskirts of Damascus the night earlier.

Local sources reported hearing the sounds of several explosions from the Al Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor, northern Syria around midnight, fumes of flames were seen rising from the area and hysterical US army drones flying all over the area, some reports said that the US army fired indiscriminately against nearby farms thinking the bombing was caused by surface to surface missiles or by artillery.

The sources said the explosions resulted from several missiles fired at the illegal US military base from an unidentified drone.

The bombing of the US army stealing Syrian oil comes a day after Israel bombed several posts on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus resulting in material damages.

Al Omar oil field is Syria’s largest oil field and is located in the countryside of Deir Ezzor in northern Syria, the US Army occupies several oil and gas fields in the north of Syria with the help of ISIS and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, stealing Syrian oil and smuggling it into Iraq to finance its black ops in the region including the operations of its ISIS proxy terrorists.

Not only the US army steals the Syrian oil, gas, and wheat, depriving the Syrian people of their fuel and food, the collective West led by the USA, showcasing their western values, impose a blockade on Syrian banks preventing them from buying oil from the international market to compensate the quantities stolen by the US army.

No immediate reports on casualties among the US oil thieves, the Pentagon always denies its ‘supermen’ don’t get harmed from explosions unless documented and it cannot claim its losses were caused by car accidents or during training.

The Syrian resistance, groups of fighters from local tribes in northern Syria, vowed to retaliate against any Israeli bombing by bombing the US oil thieves in Syria, Israel is taking advantage of the presence of hundreds of US army cannon fodders helping it facilitate its repeated bombings of Syria.

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