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Dozens of Faylaq Sham Terrorists Killed and Injured in Weapons Depot Explosions

Series of explosion destroy Faylaq Sham weapons depot in Babsqa in northern Idlib countryside - انفجار مستودع أسلحة لفيلق الشام في بابسقا ادلب

Dozens of terrorists of the Turkey-sponsored Faylaq Sham group were killed and injured yesterday late night after massive explosions blew up their weapons depot in the northern countryside of Idlib.

Local sources estimated that at least 30 of the terrorists of the Al Qaeda-affiliated group were killed and injured in the series of explosions at the weapons and ammunition depot, the group, Faylaq Sham, is one of the terrorist radical groups of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization run by the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Late-night Wednesday 1st of June, a series of explosions wrecked a weapons depot run by the terrorist group in the Babsqa village to the northwest of Sarmada, the depot is placed not far from a refugees camp and the village of Babsqa. Projectiles and missiles were seen flying from the depot and landing in the vicinity and unconfirmed reports of casualties among the civilians.

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee.

The explosions continued throughout the night and early morning of today, Thursday 2nd of June.

The cause of the explosions is not yet known. This particular Faylaq Sham terrorist group has been a target of the Syrian and Russian air and land strikes before, resulting in hundreds of its members being eliminated. In fighting with other terrorist groups is also common in places of control of these NATO-sponsored terrorist groups.

For the past few days, the Turkish madman Erdogan was threatening to carry out a new military operation against Syria in which he wanted to use his NATO Turkish army to Israelize a large area of northern Syria with a depth of 30 kilometers into Syrian territories and across the 910 kilometers borders between the two countries.

The purpose of this area, as per Erdogan’s plan, is to serve as a buffer zone in which hundreds of thousands of settlers would replace the land owners with radical terrorists and their families Erdogan has collected from all over the world during the past decade.

Syria has warned of Erdogan’s plot, and informed its allies Russia and Iran, who are Erdogan’s guarantors in the Astana framework and the Idlib agreement, that any such move by the Turkish regime would result in direct confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army and that would lead to large destabilization of the entire region and far beyond.

Faylaq Sham and other Al Qaeda and its offshoot terrorist groups are essential tools used by the neo-Ottoman caliph wannabe Erdogan within the ‘leading role in the Greater Israel project’ assigned to him by the USA and Israel.

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