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Displaced Syrians Incredible Suffering at the Rukban Concentration Camp

Suffering of Displaced Syrians in the Rukban Concentration Camp

Syrians who fled the crimes of ISIS and other terrorist groups which invaded their towns in Homs eastern countryside and sought refuge at the US-controlled Rukban camp are living indescribable suffering like what they fled from.

Dozens of families have managed to pay their way out of the Nazi-style concentration camp in the far southeast of the Syrian desert at the borders with Jordan have spoken about the miserable situation in the camp where about 40,000 other Syrian families are still trapped there under US-gun point and the mercy of US-controlled FSA terrorists of so-called Maghaweer Thawra and nearby remnants of ISIS.

They also described despicable American soldiers’ practices that only brings to the mind the sick memories of the inhumane nature of the US Army at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq.

RT’s correspondent met a number of those who escaped the US-controlled concentration camp and managed to reach the Syrian government-controlled areas in the city of Homs through Jlayghim passage and did this special report in Arabic, I added the English subtitles to:

Transcript of the English translation:

Indescribable hunger, torment, and suffering, this is the case of those whose destiny led them to stay in Rukban Camp.

Difficult conditions emphasized in the scarcity of food, contamination in drinking water, and the absence of the least necessities of life.

There’s nothing, the food is bad and the situation is bad, who cannot afford it cannot buy it, it’s very expensive, and there are the merchants who take advantage of the situation to control the people.

And the car owners as well, if you don’t have money, they will not let you out. We were forced to gather the cost and return to our Syrian homeland.

We wish all the refugees outside Syria, and those outside and inside the camps to return to their country Syria.

We were in Rukban Camp, nothing is there, there’s no water, it’s very scarce, there’s no food, no vegetables, the wheat bag costs 25,000 to 30,000 (SP) and difficult to find, everything very expensive, we came here to this school, thanks to God the -Regime’s- Army received us with the best reception, we came here, it’s much better and may God bless the Syrian Arab Army.

Many testimonials ascertained that American soldiers’ practices against the Syrians there are humiliating and deliberate as they impose a suffocating siege on the place regardless of the repercussions of the matter on everyone young and old.

The American would enter the camp, drag the youth away from there beating and humiliating them not giving any consideration there are women and children there. The water, they mostly brought us dirty water, people were getting poisoned from it, from the water, what you want more than we were finding dirty babies’ diapers inside the water tanks? They put it inside the tanks. This is what is happening there.

We fled the terrorist groups until we arrived at the Rukban Camp, there’s too much dust, children were sick, hunger, it’s a tragedy, it’s a tragedy beyond description.

I hope all the people there would be able to come back to their country.

(Syrian) government efforts are done to facilitate the transportation of who wants to leave the camp and to return them to their homes and to offer what they need of medical and food aid.

It’s salvation awaited by all those who managed to flee Rukban Camp, or the ‘Humiliating Camp’ as some described it, and a new life awaiting the children and the youth who suffered the worse between ISIS terror and the practices of the Americans.

From the city of Homs, Ali Salamah, for RT.

End of translation transcript.

The regime of Donald Trump continuing the criminal policy of his predecessor by using the suffering of tens of thousands of Syrian families in the Rukban Concentration Camp as a bargaining card against the Syrian state.

Western European governments, Turkey, Gulfies, and other governments under the US control also blackmail the Syrian state by preventing the displaced Syrians in neighboring countries from returning to their homes, a despicable policy that only represents the values of the criminals ruling the side of our planet where evil dominates.

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