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Dawson Shreds Al-Jazeera Report on Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

image-Dawson Shreds AJ pro Terrorists Propaganda

Ryan Dawson, the political analyst, details the propaganda and misinformation broadcast in a report about the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus, Syria.

Mr. Dawson goes on to explain how the connection between Qatar, some Saudi Arabia princes to the Muslim Brotherhood radical politial party and their militias terrorist groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, FSA, Nusra Front.. whatever names they go by.


Syrian Arab Army has left the fight in Yarmouk camp to the secular Palestinian factions who are not affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood or any other foreign powers. The factions gathered up from within the camp to protect their own families there. Proofs of the involvement of Hamas commanders in Gaza were found in the camp.

image-Dawson Shreds AJ pro Terrorists Propaganda
Dawson Shreds AJ pro Terrorists Propaganda

Organizational structure of the Muslim Brotherhood puts Recep Tayeb Erdogan, the Turkish president on the top of the political wing, his AKP party in control now of Turkey is overseeing other branches in Egypt, Tunisia (they go by Al-Nahdha Party), in Morocco, Libya (ISIS and Al-Qaeda no need to hide under political names there), Mali, Mauritania.. etc.

Qatar is directly under the Turkish command acting as the Finance funds for their acts. Some Saudi princes, or actually most of them, still obliged by the pact agreed decades ago by their founder Abdul Aziz Al Saud with Ibn Abdul Wahhab, the creator of Wahhabism, to follow the religion of anti-Islamic Wahhabism and to be protected by the Muslim Brotherhood militias in Arabia.

All these names: Boko Haram, ISIS, Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda, FSA, Mujahideen, Liwa Tawheed, Fateh el-Cham, Jaysh al-Fatah.. etc. all are small battalions under the higher command of the Muslim Brotherhood militias taking orders directly from officers in the CIA, MI6, MiT, Mossad and other anti-Humanity agencies, using in the process, abusing and harming the image of international organizations like the United Nations itself and its different agencies..

WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception
Corporate Media: WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception

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