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Daraa Balad: Syrian Army Enters the District; Hundreds Join Reconciliation

Syrian Arab Army units accompany Law enforcement units deployed in Daraa Balad

Daraa Balad, the last concentration of ISIS and other Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in the southwestern region of Syria is under the control of the Syrian Arab Army supporting Syrian law enforcement units.

The Syrian army units entered the neighborhoods of Arbaeen and Al-Sad earlier today, Wednesday 8 September, as part of the latest agreement between the Syrian security and notables of the district on behalf of the armed terrorists who were holed in this dense neighborhood in the city of Daraa, it’s the spark of the 10.5 years ongoing US-led war of terror and war of attrition waged against the Syrian people.

Syrian law enforcement units are also accompanied by members of the 8th Brigade of the 5th Division, this Division was formed mainly by former members of terrorist groups who laid down their weapons and joined the reconciliation process allowing them to benefit from the presidential amnesty and to return to their normal lives.

The video is available on BitChute and YouTube.

Up to 800 armed men signed up to join the reconciliation efforts and handed over a large number of weapons including RPGs, BKC automatic machine guns, DShK heavy machine guns, hundreds of Kalashnikov rifles, and their munition. The negotiators were trying to keep hold of these weapons claiming farm owners need personal weapons to defend their properties! Syrian law enforcement and Russian officers mediating in the negotiations didn’t buy this claim and insisted on handing over these weapons not suitable to protect farms.

We’ve delayed our reporting on this news since morning local time as we were trying to locate the ISIS terrorists who refused to join the reconciliation and were impeding the implementation of the previous ceasefire agreements for the past 75 days and were commanding others keeping Daraa Balad district out of the Syrian state’s reach when the rest of the province was cleaned from the US and Israel-sponsored terrorists in July 2018 and have carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks since then against the Syrian people, notables, army personnel and even against their own colleagues.

Unless these remaining terrorists are evicted or eliminated, the ceasefire will remain unstable and terrorism would return any time to this region.

The Syrian Army’s Engineering Corp started combing the district for landmines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) planted by the terrorists in the district, the Engineering Corp units are also looking for tunnels dug by ISIS terrorists before allowing some 50 thousand people of the district can return to their homes.

Workshops from the SAA Engineering Corp and from the Daraa municipalities started working immediately to remove the barracks erected by the terrorists and clear the roads and rubble as soon the first SAA soldiers entered the district. Thousands of people in the district rejoiced and welcomed the SAA soldiers though with care out of fear of retribution by the ISIS terrorists, who we are still trying to find out their fate.

Daraa Balad returning to the Syrian state caused deep sorrow in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Jordanian regimes, their plots to destabilize and even divide the Syrian republic into enclaves and ethnic-based anti-Islamic emirates, at least in the southern region. This also allows the Syrian Army to shift its efforts toward ending the terrorist presence in the northern regions of Syria.

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  1. dog69fastmailjp

    No doubt those ISIS terrorists are needed more here in the US to help keep the peace than they are in Syria; and, so well trained as well, they should really enjoy their stay here.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s great news where at least those thousands of families can return to their homes and end their displacement suffering, it’s not easy at all, and hopefully the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army will now end one of the pressing problems in the north in the coming month, either the Kurdish terrorism or the Turkish terrorism with their ISIS and other Al Qaeda groups.


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