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Daraa Balad: 1st Batch of Terrorists Shipped Out, the 2nd Expected Today

Evicting of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists from Daraa Balad to the north of Syria

Daraa Balad, the southern neighborhood of the city of Daraa is about to be cleaned, this time for sure, after months of delays by the terrorist groups and their sponsors, the first batch of terrorists is already shipped to the north of Syria and arrived in northern Aleppo countryside.

A reconciliation process mediated by the Russian Reconciliation Center was supposed to include a ceasefire, the evicting of up to 100 terrorists and their families from the city completely and be shipped to near their sponsor the Turkish madman Erdogan in the north of Syria, and the city restores calm and peace, the former terrorists who joined the reconciliation will not be evicted but have to lay down their weapons and return to their normal lives.

During yesterday’s process, the first batch was supposed to include 10 of the commanders of the terrorists along with their families, they will be sent to the north of Syria in the iconic Syrian green buses used for all the previous terrorists across the country, however, 2 of the terrorists from the ISIS didn’t show up, during the waiting, the terrorists holed up in the dense neighborhood started firing mortars and from their machineguns against the other neighborhoods in the city and against the Syrian Arab Army soldiers, 14 SAA soldiers sustained injuries and were taken for treatment.

The following is a compilation of video clips from the area showing the residents celebrating joyfully for finally being able to return to their homes as the terrorists are about to leave to find themselves under the fire of those terrorists:

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

The batch was evicted without the two, today the process is supposed to be concluded, we’re waiting for the updates from the Daraa Balad neighborhood in the southern Syrian city of Daraa.

Meanwhile, NATO member states have become increasingly hysteric over the imminent loss of their last foothold in the south of Syria, this will leave Biden forces along with an ISIS affiliate group in the remote Al Tanf region where they continue to hold hundreds of Syrian families in horrible conditions in the infamous Rukban concentration camp.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Thousands of people besieged inside and thousands of people outside can’t return to their homes because of 2 terrorists only, this should tell all those supporters, whoever is left of them, what nature of these terrorists are and whose instructions they follow and how they don’t care about the people they say they are fighting for.

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