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Counter-Terrorism Units Unearth Massive Quantities of Weapons and Munition in Southern Syria

SAA and Counter Terrorism units discover more weapons and gears used by NATO terrorists in Syria

Syrian Counter-Terrorism Units (C.T.U.) operating in the southern provinces discovered a massive quantity of weapons, munition, and gears used by NATO terrorists, even a Toyota Van from Israel with chassis encoding in Hebrew.

The quantities of weapons and munition discovered this time in a number of depots are enough to arm an army brigade. It was buried underground in a number of locations across the southern provinces: Sweida, Daraa, and Quneitra.

Side of these killing tools which were gifted from the taxpayers of the US, Britain, and France, among others in this report -in Arabic by Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel:

Video also available on Bitchute:

200,000 rounds of bullets for the machine guns of different calibers, 60 Grad missiles which the terrorists used to bomb residential neighborhoods as far as 20 – 22 km, 100 tank projectiles, assorted projectiles for artillery and cannons, night goggles, communication devices, large quantity of RPG grenades and launchers, hundreds of machine guns, 23mm machine guns, 60 MMS mortars, mine detector, dozens of boxes of attack and defensive grenades…

The Syrian Arab Army and Counter-Terrorism Units continue their effortless work in discovering and confiscating these loads of weapons and munitions, and all sorts of killing tools provided to the human garbage terrorists dumped into Syria by NATO member states, the same states represented at the United Nations Security Council who flood the UN headquarters and all quarters of its linked organizations with crocodile tears of sympathy to humanity whenever the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are on the verge of cleaning a new town from their beloved terrorists and freeing the Syrian civilians from their kidnappers.

They are not shedding the tears for the Syrian civilians held captive and used as human shields by the terrorists, they’re weeping for the massive investments they invested in terror in Syria and seeing their investment collapse before their own eyes with only achieving the causing of suffering and devastation of the Syrian people without any political gains.

Had the Syrian Arab Army and its allies carried out a large-scale military operation and bombed NATO terrorists in southern Syria, the UN hypocrite criers for humanity would have claimed these depots were hospitals and these munitions were medicine.

Throughout the previous months since the region was cleaned from NATO terrorists, the SAA and law enforcement authorities with the cooperation of the locals in the southern provinces have discovered many depots stuffed with weapons which were used and are hidden to be used again in the future in a new round, which might explain why the regime of Donald Trump maintains a military base in At-Tanf at the southern borders joint with Iraq and Jordan where thousands of Syrians are also held in the infamous SS-style Rukban Concentration Camp.

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