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Chronology of Trump Emboldening ISIS

corrupt trump

An interesting question has been offered by a reader of SyriaNews:  How can Trump be accused of emboldening ISIS if the Deep State is promoting a coup attempt against him?  These two disturbing issues are not mutually exclusive, as can be shown via a chronology of Trump, and his war criminal actions against the Syrian Arab Republic, begun 13 days after his inauguration.


In the immediate pre-election days, Professor Camille Paglia offered the most complex thought regarding a possible Trump win:   “People want change and they’re sick of the establishment…[I]f Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media.”  

Paglia’s words are important as possibly the most coherent toward the end of the campaign, when Clinton was admitting WikiLeaks were true on her emails but was lying about 17 non-existent US intelligence agencies claiming the commies — oops, the Kremlin — was behind them; msm was braying that rightwing riots were being planned if Trump did not win; Trump was yelling about future election fraud; POTUS Obama was yelling at Trump that There is no serious person out there who would suggest that you could even rig American elections…There is no evidence that that has happened in the past, or that there are instances that this could happen this time…So I’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining.” (18 October 2016)

No “17” intel services; just one joint statement of ODNI and DHS using words “consistent with”.

Time did a hedge bet while ignoring its colonialist hypocrisy:

Double standard hypocrisy

The campaign reached its zenith of surrealism on election night, when PEOTUS Donald J. Trump walked onto the stage looking humbled, and presidential, and gave an unprecedented acceptance speech, offering entente to the world.  Surrealism mutated into mad hatter-ism, as msm ignored the speech promising a new, good neighbor policy, went into collective mourning, and launched the notion of fake news and the commies being the cause of the election results. Anti-wall Clinton waited forever to give her concession speech, but first the anti-wall candidate had a wall erected from her hotel to her limo.  Christiane Amanwour demanded that Facebook institute a campaign of censorship, Obama completely forgot telling Trump to stop whining, and he, Merkel, and the msm held a combination love fest and shortened shiva, in Berlin, during which time all discussed the need to protect Europe from democratic elections.  

What a difference a day makes…

Deep State media (a.k.a. news sources of the Military-Industrial-Complex, a.k.a. MSM) has done an impeccable job of Orwellian brainwashing,  Ignoring the ability for anyone with internet access to engage in independent investigative work, DS media counts on neurotic affinities, and infantilization of the adult population to support all forms of magical thinking:  I don’t want, ergo it doesn’t exist.  MSM is permitted the impunity to use all forms of sensationalist language in the promotion of war propaganda.  There is no demand to provide evidence of any statement, no matter how outrageous the statement might be.


Use similar language against the criminals crying Havoc! and unleashing the dogs of war, provide massive documentation, and still will arrive the vigilantes, screeching words of condemnation:  Crybaby fans of Trump will throw tantrums over the words “Trump emboldens ISIS” as loudly as crybaby fans of Obama over the words “Obama death squads.”  Both teams submit to all criminal lies against Syria’s President al Assad, though.

The chronology of Trump alignment with al Qaeda against Syria actually began in December 2016.  Seemingly unrelated to the SAR, lame duck POTUS Obama — after 8 years of silence — provoked PEOTUS Trump by suddenly condemning the spread of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  Trump went full reactionary, promising to stand with Israel, and threatening a breach of international law by promising to move the US Embassy illegally into Jerusalem (which would also breach the Oslo Treaty).  For weeks, Trump brayed on and on, even while Israeli media bordered on live threats.

The timing of the inane ‘fight’ between Obama and Trump came in December, a key month in the Syrian crisis. During CNN‘s time away from pimping the new McCarthy witch-hunts, it was engaged in lamentations over the upcoming reunification of Aleppo, and also ignoring the poisoning of humanity’s oldest water source, al Fijah, by the terrorists it held so dearly.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with foreign takfiri.

PEOTUS Trump remained mute over the terrorist created crisis which deprived  5.5 million Syrians of water, even when that which he called fake news! blamed the war crime on Syria’s president.

Moderate FSA terrorist pleased with his moderate explosives work.


Trump took his oath of office, and did not extend any promised olive branches. He did not reopen the Syrian Embassy.  He did not release Ambassador al Ja’afari from the mobility restrictions placed upon him by the Obama State Department, in an effort to censor the diplomat’s successful Town Hall meetings.  He did not end the illicit, draconian sanctions imposed upon the Syrian people. He did not dismantle the Obama-created, US foreign mercenary militia in Syria, the HSD.  On 27 January, Trump voiced his support for Turkey’s invasion and occupation of JarabulusSyria. 


A mere 13 days after taking office, Trump demonstrated his statesman acceptance speech was fraudulent, and his inaugural promise to end “American carnage” was also worthless, when he bombed two bridges in Raqqa, continuing Obama’s war crimes against Syria — begun in September 2014 — including the destruction of Syrian infrastructure, and the fake unintentional murder of Syrian civilians.

Raqqa Bridges Destroyed by ISIS (US) Air Force

On 9 February, new CIA head Mike Pompeo stopped in Erdoganstan, one of the top sponsors of terror against the SAR (most of the 350k foreign terrorists have come through the Turkey-Syria border), after which he visited the terrorist dictatorship of Saudi occupied Arabia. During this second leg of Pompeo’s trip, Saud Nayef was presented with an award named after US traitor and former CIA head, George Tenet.

Terrorists Sent to Liberate Syria from its People

On 28 February, Trump’s Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, performed an ugly magic trick by managing to make Samantha Power look sane.

On this day, Haley threw a babbling fit of vicious anti-Syria (and anti-Russia) propaganda, based on the UN’s unprecedented JIM report.  JIM requires no forensic analyses, but merely interviews with terrorists in Syria or Turkey or Qatar or Saudistan.   These terrorists apparently get paid by their lies, as state member of the UN recently noted his country has contributed $400,000 to this Joint Investigative Mechanism.

In this 26 April photo, Haley proudly stands with Raed Saleh, cell phone salesman cum magical first responder of the CIA and UK intelligence-funded death squads named the White Helmets. Despite tens of millions in funding, this gang, founded by a British intelligence officer and headquartered in Turkey, cannot afford a stethoscope, has not been trained in spinal precautions or CPR.  They do, however, all have a natural immunity to GB.  In a paradox unique to geopolitics, these death squads, beloved by Haley and the most right of right wing Republicans received a standing ovation from Hollywood’s neolib fifth column, upon receipt of an Oscar.

Haley with ‘leader’ of terrorist White Helmets, 26 April

Also in late February, Trump dispatched John “McQaeda” McCain to visit terrorist Turkey, Saudistan, and to illegally meet with ISIS and other terrorists in Syria.   Both Trump and McQaeda are staunch opponents of illegal aliens in the USA.


  • In early March, local Syrian residents reported that the CIA death squads beloved by both right wing and left wing had engaged in organ trafficking, in pre-liberated Aleppo.  This was not mentioned in MSM or neolib media.  Also not mentioned were the chemical weapons missiles found in weapons depots discovered by the SAA.
Syrian Arab Army found chemical weapons missiles in depots found in liberated Aleppo
More Syrian blood, over the steps of the Palace of Justice.
In 2015, the State Department celebrated with a gala event in DC.
  • 23 March, upwards of 40 Syrians were slaughtered in massacres by Turkey and the US.
  • At the end of this month, a second round of malignant psy ops against the Syrian people was launched, regarding the Tabqa/Euphrates Dam.  Though this dam has been under high level NATO occupation since February 2013, the Trump regime claimed that “rebels” were fighting “ISIS” for its control.  Trump used this to further legitimize his foreign mercenary militia plotting to drip new secretions of Sykes-Picot throughout the SAR.

This is the flag of the foreign terrorists organized by Obama, currently under the direction of Trump.  The thugs are HSD, and their spokesman is a Swedish illegal in Syria, Jasper Soder.

corrupt trump
The Azeri-language flag of Trump’s foreign merc militia.

Swedish terrorist, illegal in Syria:  “My office.”

Among the foreign mercenaries of the HSD is its new spokesman, Swede Jesper Soder.


On 4 April, 0637, previously considered fake news CNN broke a story straight from the mouth of a Brit illegal in Syria, a fake physician whose license was revoked in his home country.  The friend of Jahbat al Nusra — still on the US terror list — claimed that Syria had bombed  Khan Sheikhoun with GB that had been collected by the OPCW three years earlier (the original GB hoax came from Jerusalem, in April 2013.  It was also without a shred of evidence, as NYT’s Sanger subsequently complained to CNN’s Amanwour.).

Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.

This former doctor — whose license was permanently revoked in his native UK — this terrorist embedded with al Nusra, this illegal was the source of Donald Trump’s impending new war crimes against Syria, the raison d’être for the looming chronology of Trump emboldening ISIS, calling the human beasts to arms, to engage in more atrocities. Trump lapped it up, suddenly stricken with amnesia that CNN is fake news! 

Trump tweet from 2013. Was his change ‘flexibility’ or ‘self-radicalization’?
credibility-white helmets
In 2013, CNN’s Amanwour was not embarrassed to show excessive shaving cream as evidence of a GB attack. Photo courtesy of Moon of Alabama

The next day, in side-by-side speeches with the terrorist monarch of Jordan, Trump was a geyser of self-echolaliacking adjectives and adverbs in describing his flexibility in outdoing his war crimes against the Syrian people. His frenzied lust for Syrian blood was so contagious that an ISIS operative jumped the gun in Sweden, killing several via vehicular homicides on 7 April — before the disgraceful US president announced he had massacred Syrian soldiers — and irrelevant collateral damage civilians, that very night, and after enjoying the most beautiful piece  of chocolate cake to ever grace the planet.

Syria Ash Sha’irat Airbase (known officially as TTayyas Military Airport) near Homs

Slaughtering Syrian Arab Army soldiers by the US is not new; in September 2016, Obama massacred 83 soldiers at the al Tharda base, giving assistance to nearby ISIS.  Obama pretended it was accidental — and Power complained that Churkin had called an emergency meeting to discuss it (the mafia clique running the UN only supports emergency meetings when requested by the terrorists that the clique funds — such as the 2 hour long meeting over Khan Sheikhoun, another anti-Syria affair that ignored the terrorists’ murders of kidnapped Syrians for their snuff porn).

Before listing the immediate chronology of Trump having emboldened ISIS beginning with his slaughter of Syrian soldiers and qualqiera collateral damage, we remind those whose ongoing affinity for Trump because the deep state is after him, that the same deep state threw a parade for him and Ivanka, upon his horrific bombing of Syrian soldiers who have been fighting terrorism since the beginning of the crisis.  They both got their 15 minutes of adoration.  Ivanka was momentarily transformed into Mother Mary; she was cheered by all, for her motherhood empathy causing her to reputedly whisper into daddy’s ear to make more Syrian children orphans, force more Syrian moms to bury their children, transform more Syrian women into widows.

Ghanea Hammoud, the epitome of the noble Syrian soul. In her new grief, she describes what must be the unbearable pain of her husband’s mother.

Personal note to Mommy dearest Ivanka:  You and I know what the Damocles sword is that the Deep State holds over your head.  We also know that a good lawyer could remove it — were justice to actually exist, not replaced with geopolitical bias.  Tell me, was your deal with Beelzebub worth your five minutes of deification?  How did you reach adulthood not knowing the house is stacked for the devil?  “There can be no happiness for one who is under constant apprehensions.”


On 7 April, Trump changed his campaign hat to one of hate, unleashing the chronology of exploding terrorism around the world, and increasing it within Syria.

Swamp-draining Trump went to the rescue of alQaeda against Syria.

Trump bombed the Syrian air base of Ash Sha’irat, the base of bomber jets used against the foreign-backed terrorists within Syria’s borders, the terrorists that the war criminal coalition claims to be also bombing — while ignoring its breach of International Law.  Trump murdered Syrian soldiers, setting off the chronology of an emboldened ISIS. He was immediately cheered by the elders of MSM, war criminal politicians — who unabashedly sexualized the slaughter with their cooing, and with their Freudian language (frequent use of “punishment” and “measured punishment” did sound like some paraphiliac S&M secrets being shared. Dysfunction meds and personal lubricants to a major sales hit.).  The camel-loving, terrorist tyrant of Saudi occupied Arabia immediately cheered, as did UFO/celebrity rags, along with terrorists in the SAR.

The awkward moment when kids 4 and 6 years old, talk about US elections.  My nieces this early morning:  Wake up, Aunty…thank God that war criminal Clinton doesn’t win the election.  Aunty, do you think Trump would be better than Obama, Obama the one that killed our daddy and destroyed our country?  — post-election Facebook status of a Syrian woman.

A lone complaint came from the Khan Sheikhoun terrorist who buried his entire family of 3,971-1/3 with his bare hands, then took the Erdoganstan Express to meet with Turkey’s leader, lamented that Trump did not level all of Syria — because every Syrian patriot wants his country and fellow citizens destroyed, right?).

This rag used to focus on fake birth defects, UFOs, and celebrities.
Takfiri savages cheered Trump making al Qaeda great again

The chronology of Trump’s unleashing of al Qaeda troops was immediate.

An IED was located in a busy section of Oslo and was safely detonated by the bomb squad before anyone could be injured.

Palm Sunday, 9 April, was a day of demonic happiness for the emboldened terrorists, as Mar Gerges in Tanta, Egypt was bombed, martyring 25 church-goers, immediately.  A strange conversation between a passerby and a BBC reporter seemed to signal the subsequent bombing of St Mark’s Cathedral, in Alexandria.

During BBC (“Another beauty!”) Arabic live reporting, the man being interviewed — amidst the emotional shock and the physical carnage — abruptly offered that Alexandria was secured.  The journalist questioned why, and the man repeated that Alexandria was secure.  Et voila! al Qaeda heard terrorist Trump’s call to action, reinforced by  the anomalous conversation between the man outside the Mar Gergis church, and the BBC Arabic reporter who was himself once a suspect in a bombing. 

The chronology of Donald J. Trump’s emboldening ISIS terrorists continued on 15 April, when these savages with two legs massacred upwards of 130 — mostly women and children —  in al Rashidin.  The deal brokered by Iran and terror monarchy Qatar to exchange terrorists for civilians held hostage in Fou’aa and Kafraya was supposed to have begun on 4 April.  The scheduling was bumped because of the Nusra GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun.

This is what a terrorist bombing looks like.

NATO run msm did its best to hide the slaughter, until they could find a terrorist to convert into a heroic, war porn emoticon.  They continued to ignore the bloodshed, and did not report on the survivors’ statement holding Nusra, Qatar, and Turkey responsible for the horror.  Likewise, various criminals-against-peace NGOs remained mute until a script was developed to ‘share the blame’ and fund raise off the rivers of Syrian blood.

This is Shahd, a child victim of media collaboration with terrorists in Syria.  Shahd was not viralized; instead, a takfiri was interviewed, a terrorist who had been interviewed previously from Aleppo and Khan Sheikhoun. His criminal lies were told, and then the al Rashidin news was cauterized.

death-squad-white helmets- rashdin
Shahd’s balloons are an important part of her medical care. Her doctors and nurses fixed her wounds and made her laugh with balloons just for her.


This chronology took a criminal propaganda turn — momentarily — on 15 May, when Trump trotted out a State Department Ass. Secretary, Stuart Jones, to resurrect the crematorium hoax.  This insane story was first pimped by Amnesty in early February, with the assistance of a faux independent medium, spawn of the illicit relationship between The Geryon and al Khanzeera Not a single member of the media in this hurried press conference questioned the authenticity of this outrageously idiotic claim, but sado-erotic questions on possible, future, “measured punishment” may have required some undergarment changes immediately afterward.

The shameless chronology further continued on 17 May,  with terrorist Mahaweer al Thawra thanking the Trump regime for 20 trucks, some loaded with TOWs, which were to be deployed in Deir Ezzor, with the intention of murdering more Syrian Arab Army soldiers, defending their country within its borders.

In case anyone missed this point, one day later, self-radicalized Trump bombed a Syrian military convoy, because it was getting too close to Trump’s terrorist training camp in al Tanf, Syria (the SAA subsequently outflanked the US and other mercenaries illegally in Tanf).

On Thursday 18 May — in preparation for complete prostration before the terrorist occupying Arabia — self radicalized Trump oversaw two massacres against the Syrian Arab Republic.  In the morning, his death squads slaughtered 52 in the Aqareb al Safiyeh village, many of whom were children and women. Many were beheaded. Many had their limbs cut off. In the evening, the self radicalized US president bombed a convoy of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, in al Tanaf, reportedly destroying Syrian tanks and an anti-aircraft vehicle (the SAR has not released the names of the martyrs).

On 20 May, POTUS Trump further insulted the families of 9/11, and all US veterans, by paying homage to the terror-sponsoring dictator of Saudi occupied Arabia, bowing and curtsy-ing to the savage, cheering the head chopping, drug-dealing rapists as peacemakers, and transferring Saudi world terror onto Iran.

A bow was not enough. Trump also did a curtsy to savage Salman.
Exclusive to SyriaNews: A glimpse of Salman’s elusive First Lady!

Two days later, emboldened and incited by the talent-less sword dance of Trump and Saudi Wahhabis, a UK takfiri previously involved with UK/US funded terror in Libya, detonated a bomb at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.  Original reporting was that 22 people were slaughtered on 22 May by a 22 year 22-year-oldonal (the terrible death toll was raised by one, in a possible effort to deflect attention from the deep state obsession with numbers, a particular source of excitement for the crisis actors folk).

Just as ISIS emboldened by Trump’s treachery seemed to be winding down, Face the Nation — on 28 May — called upon Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis (one of those “old hoary mothballed concretized generals”?) to loudly announce there was no longer such a thing as rules of engagement, and to declare war on civilians, especially in Syria and Iraq.

Mattis appears to have given the increasingly lethargic ISIS monsters a transfusion to recommence the chronology of savagery, via Trump’s alignment with these mass murderers.  On 31 May, the terrorists blew up a secure area of Kabul, slaughtering 90, and injuring more than 100.  MSM gave relatively little coverage to the carnage, and barely a burp over the double-tap murders at the funeral.

The chronology continued with the 2 June attacks on London Bridge Borough Market, in which 7 were murdered and 50 injured in emboldened ISIS vehicular and knifing attacks.

On 5 June, three massacres of civilians trying to flee death in Iraq and in Syria netted a death toll of 180.  The timing of the bombings in the Mosul region by ISIS, and Trump’s slaughter of 30 Syrians on boats was so close in timing as to suggest coordination.  Trump followed up on 8 June, doubling down on US war crimes in Syria by bombing Raqqa — a city of 800,000 held hostage by 3,000 takfiri —  with white phosphorus.

There is no end in sight for the ongoing chronology of ISIS (or whatever nom du jour al Qaeda is using at any given moment) emboldened by Trump’s attacks on Syria.

Last week, 3 US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.  The Trump regime has announced the deployment of another 4,000 American soldiers to this small country, because 40 years of failure is not enough American cannon fodder. 

Mujahideen terrorists lauded in the White House.

The al Zahra mosque in Kabul has just been bombed, with 6 martyrs and dozens more injured.  NATO msm is pimping this horror as sectarian/religious.  Empire has a tendency to use ‘religion’ as the cover story for imperialism; let us be mindful, though, that in the Thirty Years War — also called a “religious” war — which decimated much of Europe, Roman Catholic France was aligned with Protestant Germany against Roman Catholic Spain.


Donald J. Trump was the first man who neither held office, nor was a US general, to become POTUS.  That his acceptance speech of unprecedented offer of entente was ignored by both his supporters and his detractors should come as no surprise.  His supporters ignore his continuation and acceleration of Obama war crimes.  His detractors also ignore his war crimes, lest they be forced to admit that Obama and Clinton are also war criminals.

People want change and they’re sick of the establishment…[I]f Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media. — Professor Camille Paglia, US Academic — in a slightly more complex pre-election explanation of a possible Trump win — than “hater” or “deplorables.”

Donald J. Trump had the potential to be a president among presidents.  He could have kept his promise to drain those swamps, instead of making the conscious decision to give himself transfusions with the muck.

When President Obama engaged in lame-duck provocation regarding illegal Israeli settlements, PEOTUS Trump could have kept quiet, or could have been presidential, speaking one word, Oslo.

Instead of his inaugural speech being better than that of his acceptance, it had a bit of a swampy stench to it. Instead of further extending the olive branch of entente, he took a match to it.

He talked about putting an end to terrorism, but made no effort to change the Obama-Clinton policies against Syria–such as halting criminal bombings, reversing draconian sanctions, re-opening the Syrian Embassy, releasing Syria’s UN ambassador from the mobility restrictions the Obama State Department inflicted upon him, to censor his very successful Town Hall meetings.

It was of no matter that in 2015, Syria’s ambassador explicitly stated that if the west (and Gulfie and Levantine underlings) stopped arming, funding, and helping in transit, the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in three days.

Less than two weeks later, he appeared to have broken all American records on time from oath to war crimes — and both his detractors and supporters ignored.

When the absolute moment of truth came, and Trump stood with CNN, and its fake doctor, the Brit illegal embedded with terrorists in Idlib, terrorists actually on the US terrorist list, Trump made a conscious decision to slaughter Syrian soldiers on behalf of al Qaeda — followed by sado-erotic rejoicing from those who claimed to be terrified that candidate Trump might ever have access to the nuclear buttons.

The chronology of the emboldening of ISIS upon Trump’s overt slaughter of Syrian soldiers has been abundantly documented, here.  Yes, the deep state does have an ongoing coup attempt against Trump, but there exists here no mutual exclusivity in these truths (there is, however, no overlapping of those of moral character, and mass murderers).

The coup plot is a testament to the success of Operation Mockingbird; what survivor of the Truman-McCarthy witch hunts of the 50s could have imagined that the neoliberal movement would be screeching that Russia stole the US 2016 election?  Is it not a terrible indictment that these folk are more concerned about such a fictitious fabrication, than they have ever been over all the actual thefts of elections of other countries, by the USA, via coups, bombs, and kidnappings of heads of state?

The neolibs are without scandal, and the neo-neocons are without scruples. 

Shame on US, every one, choosing teams.


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